Wheel Backspacing, Offset, and Tire Sizing. Updated 04/20/08

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  1. RedGalant2k1

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    This thread is meant as helpful information for the layman who may not understand the terms when shopping for wheels and tires.

  2. RedGalant2k1

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    2008+ Lancer Tire and Wheel sizing. (PM Me if you've fit other sizes)

    Original Equipment tire sizes:

    Mitsubishi Lancer DE (205/60R16)
    Mitsubishi Lancer ES (205/60R16)
    Mitsubishi Lancer GTS (215/45R18)

    Aftermarket (or alternate) sizing:






    Wheel Sizes:




    20x8.5" <---Most common 20" wheel size and best fit for 245/30R20s.

    Offset recommendations are +35mm to +45mm.


    Alternate sizes to those listed or recommend by your local tire professionals are at your own risk. Some may experience rubbing or fitment issues. Please verify the fitment of your selected tire and wheel combination BEFORE installation.

    LancerTuners.com is not responsible for damage to your car from improper fitment or installation of your tires. We strongly recommend you test fit any tire and wheel combination prior to final purchase. Remember we are all here to help each other and are all enthusiasts.

  3. delphium_

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    Whats the red indicate? i'm confused =/
  4. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    the red is what is stock on the 08
  5. 1saiah

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    so the ones high lighted in red is what fits the 08 lancers
  6. RedGalant2k1

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    The sizes highlighted in red are those sizes that best fit the 08+ Lancers. Other sizes are alternative usable sizes. If availability or budget doesn't permit the optimum sizes then at the least the enthusiast has another viable option.

    This also serves to show correct fitment and to provide a proper resource against a numerous websites that provide improper information.
  7. Socalheatz

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    um question.. how come bigger wheels can have long widths? for example.. the highest recommended 18" width is 8", while the 19" is 8.5"?
  8. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member

    You can do 18x8.5" wheels. Most typically what you will find is 18x8" and 19x8.5"

    The majority of the reason for small width differences when sizing up is the availability of tires. Usually the larger the wheel diameter the wider the tire.

    For instance:

    You can't purchase 20" tires or larger thinner than 225.

    You can't purchase 18" or 19" tires thinner than a 215.

    You can't purchase 17" tires thinner than 205.

    You can't purchase 16" tires thinner than 195.


    So since tires are wider by default the larger the wheel size is the wider the wheel must be. Hopefully that explains it clearly enough.
  9. westcoast

    westcoast Well-Known Member

    Whats the point of an offset? Is it beneficial to have a positive offset vs a zero offset?
  10. RedGalant2k1

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    Offset is just a small part of how the wheel fits the vehicle you drive. Front wheel drive vehicles have a higher offset (brings the body of the wheel under the vehicle by design for handling a weight carrying characteristics.
  11. kennyjai

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    how would u achieve a "flush fitment" with wheels?? is it by having wider wheels and a smaller offset??
  12. XxLaNcErGTSxX

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    Nice info
  13. kennyjai

    kennyjai Well-Known Member

    offset recommendation 35 to 45... so anything between wouldnt cause rubbing issue?
  14. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member

    Minded you don't have wheels wider than 8" or 8.5".
  15. kennyjai

    kennyjai Well-Known Member

    so if i get 18x8 with +35 to +45 offset with a lowered ride would rubbing be an issue??
  16. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member

    I just put 18x8 +40mm on a co-workers Lancer GTS without any rubbing whatsoever, so yes.
  17. kennyjai

    kennyjai Well-Known Member

    ^^ thank you for quick reply =) and could u tell me what the wheels were?? im having a hard time finding 18x8 with low offset
  18. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member

    18x8" +40mm Enkei Tarmac (Hyper Black Color).

    But there is a LOT out there with that same fitment...what style do you like?
  19. kennyjai

    kennyjai Well-Known Member

    hmm i like black rims with a chrome lip either that or black out ive been searching for the past hours but had no luck !
  20. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member