Videos of Performance Parts (mainly sound video clips)

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by Bryn1987, May 28, 2008.

  1. Bryn1987

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    Alright i decided since there's so many videos of performance parts and how they sound I'd make a list because I know many people (including myself) like to know not only the performance of a part but also how it sounds before they buy it.

    If you find any typos or errors (such as me saying axel-back when it was actually a Cat-back) please let me know so i can fix it

    Please refrain from asking questions such as, "where can i get ....." or "how much is ....." it most likely has already been stated so search, or if not make a new topic for it

    If you have any requests please state them, i just made a short list of videos of parts i couldn't find... if you find any other videos, please post them up (including what part it is) and i'll edit this first post.


    Injen CAI ... 089zw3.flv ... 090fp5.flv ... 091nl8.flv ... 092zk7.flv

    RRM SRI ... o/100_0451


    Injen SES Header-back Exhaust + RRM SRI

    Greddy Ti-C Cat-back Exhaust

    HKS Axel-back ... itled1.flv ... itled2.flv

    Flowmaster 40 Series Exhaust + RRM SRI ... series.flv ... master.flv ... xhuast.flv

    Custom Axel-back 2-1/2" Piping, 3" Tip (blacksheep818) [Based on Works Axel Back] ... CF4043.flv


    RRM Turbo + RRM SRI ... D00005.flv ... D00011.flv ... D00010.flv ... D00006.flv


    RRM Cat-back + RRM Headers

    • Works Axel-back Exhaust
      RRM Header only
      Fujita SRI
  2. jacob1bc

    jacob1bc Well-Known Member

    that cool all the sound clips in one area. good work.
  3. Texas Aggie

    Texas Aggie Well-Known Member

    nice work...definitely helpful...hopefully this can be kept up with...
  4. Bryn1987

    Bryn1987 Well-Known Member

    thx, i'll be sure to keep it updated, i'm on LT too much not to lol... but of course, the LT community can help me out by posting some vids i missed and vids of parts that need to be listed (aka Requested)

    btw, can anyone say sticky? :D
  5. blacksheep818

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    mine isn't a cat-back just an axle-back and its a copy of the Works AB
  6. jacob1bc

    jacob1bc Well-Known Member

    oh, on my injen ses header back. i have the rrm intake, but i don't think it makes a diffrence.
  7. Bryn1987

    Bryn1987 Well-Known Member

    *added* thx for telling me =)... and no i don't think it makes too much difference in sound from the outside unless u open up the hood :p

    i decided to leave combinations as mainly header/exhaust combos since that does make a big difference in sound

    fixed =)
  8. JGSkains

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    The Flowmaster rocks

    I love the sound of the Flowmaster when the car is being driven.
  9. AKVvirus

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    Good post man, its a big help, ive def got a better idea of what i want now, but i dont know if it just my comp, but the RRM SRI video didnt work, so u might want to look into that.
  10. Bryn1987

    Bryn1987 Well-Known Member

    *edited out*
  11. Bryn1987

    Bryn1987 Well-Known Member

    thx for the compliment :)... and thx for letting me know... turns out the link is broken, so i took it off and added it to the Requests section :)

    anyone got a video of the "Requests" section, plz post em, thx :)
  12. eTXlancer

    eTXlancer Well-Known Member

    ok i've doin recearch on the different exhausts and i cant choose or i did find one but dont know what it is from lack of labeling.

    what i have is the rrm header and the works ab, i want to keep those. i want to keep the piping 2.25 because its n/a. fed car btw. eaither keep the first cat or switch it to a high flow, which ever is better>/easier because of O2 sensor. and i want the exhaust to sound like what i have smooth, deep, not "fart can" and no raspiness at higher rpm.

    conclusion scrap resonaors, keep sound, improve performance.

  13. Wrongday

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