Post a picture of your car as it sits now...

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by RedGalant2k1, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member

    That picture is literally as of now.

  2. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    As of 2 min ago....

  3. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member

    Love the gold, looks great on the GTS imo.
  4. HudsonFalcon

    HudsonFalcon Well-Known Member

    Yeah I haven't seen the gold on the GTS yet, looks really sharp.
  5. WillieetheOne

    WillieetheOne Well-Known Member

    Just move in that garage sure is empty lol. Nice car though.

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    Sitting in my garage.
  7. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member

    Recently, yes. But they garage will stay that empty with the exception of a tool box and some basic shelves.
  8. RedGalant2k1

    RedGalant2k1 Well-Known Member

    A couple more pics.

  9. DVHopeful

    DVHopeful Well-Known Member

    Well, this is the last pic i have of her, she's sitting at a shop right now waiting for the brackets to come in for my recaro seat.
  10. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    thanks man, hides the dust well too. and black on it looks sick
  11. GTS_Rob

    GTS_Rob Well-Known Member

    hey my car! haha desert sand baby! discontinued color already! we got the rarest color! and maybe aqua too
  12. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    Yea we have.... A Limited Edition Tan GTS :)
  13. 4g63lover

    4g63lover Well-Known Member


    I'll take a pic of the Lancer when my sister comes home.
  14. vivimatsuk

    vivimatsuk Well-Known Member


    maybe about 10 min ago.. :)
  15. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    dude sweet decal's i want.......
  16. spunx021

    spunx021 Well-Known Member

    that mitsubishi decal would look sweet on the sideskirts
  17. vivimatsuk

    vivimatsuk Well-Known Member

    thanx dude. i got them custom made at a lil shop near my place. thought it would be original, ya no
  18. Rikalancer

    Rikalancer Member

    in car wash

  19. 4g63lover

    4g63lover Well-Known Member

  20. tunes

    tunes Active Member