Modding for Noobs

Discussion in 'CMS Comments' started by Sinestra, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Sinestra

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  2. Belgaram

    Belgaram Well-Known Member

    Well said... And you are right on the money with #7. As a Police Officer and tuner, I appreciate and respect both worlds. At the same time, nothing will turn my head quicker than someone driving their whip like an ass hole.

    And thank you Sine for this blog... I am one of the noobs to modding and tuning. I am fortunate in that the shop I use is not about throwing parts on a car. They are very specific in what they do to a whip. They are a performance shop, but they respect the car.. Their motto is: We want you to drive to the track, run a good time and drive home. They take a conservative approach to tuning.

    But, thats a blog of it's own... Thanks again Sine and see ya at MOD!!
  3. Sinestra

    Sinestra Well-Known Member

    Thanks man i really appreciate it. I have things on my car that are technically illegal like blue city lights, blue license plate lights and tinted tails. I have had these mods for over 2 years and i have not been pulled over ONCE. The cops have actually complimented me on my car and they leave me alone because i dont drive like an A-hole. Maryland cops can be tough and will DICK you if you push them.

    The sooner some people realize that the less attention you draw to yourself the better they will have a healthy ticket free mod experience. Till then well they can keep paying those tickets till they learn.

    Your shop sounds like a real respectable one just like mine here in MD

    I will most def be at MOD i cant wait and i took care of that pesky double post for you :)
  4. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    Too add to this...not really as a modding term but more of car care.....NEVER LISTEN TO THE WEATHER MAN! He's a damned liar
  5. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    Good write up!!!
  6. davidlanceres

    davidlanceres Well-Known Member

    Excellent write up.
  7. Spyder

    Spyder Member

    i agree 100% on all of it and especially the part about
    its your car do what you like not someone else ive said pretty much the same thing before
    after all if you like it thats what counts
    if somebody dont like it just tell them
    ok you dont have to do what i did do your own thing
    (with a smile be nice)
  8. Jayebird

    Jayebird Well-Known Member

    Good post!
  9. Null462

    Null462 Member

    Actually, I am a cop and I know personally unless the car is making ridiculous noise, I won't bother it. If I can hear a car doing 25 coming from a mile away, then odds are something needs to be done... I don't bother with tint or anything like that either.
  10. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    With our cars, the older lancers that is, just putting an exhaust on our car makes it that way. That doesn't necesarly mean I want to drive fast. It could just mean I like the sound of it vs a broken exhaust. Ie honda civics with those fart cannons. Some are done well and others are not. I know mine is loud after 3k rpms and that's easy considering I can max at 7k rpms. Our hp doesn't kick in until 3.5k so yea. I just hate the descrimination of loud exhaust he must be racing.

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  11. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    What about the trucks that are raised so high I can walk under it or the harleys that are louder than cars. I see us getting pulled more so than those. Whether you have a loud exhaust or drive like a dick. Its descrimination to get someone for a loud exhaust. That's just what it sounds like on a non turbocharged car cuz the sound has a linear path with the exhaust. Sound echoing is all that happens. With turbo all that sound escapes through the intake. I wish I could give a cop a ticket each time they turn their lights on to run a red light.

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  12. Null462

    Null462 Member

    What you see and what happens are apparently 2 different things... I have a 2011 Lancer GTS with a Magnaflow exhaust on it, I don't harass people for nonsense. And sound echoing? really? My Lancer doesn't sound like shit... In PA its a state law that all vehicles must have a properly function sound muffling device in the exhaust. If the vehicle sounds like it is running open headers, its getting stopped. Noone cares if you don't like cops, I use my emergency lights and siren if I have to respond quickly. Maybe your local cops are douchebags who abuse power, but we aren't all that way.
  13. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    .....I dont have open headers. I have stock header. All I have right now is intake and exhaust. And your lancer sounds completely different than older lancers with an exhaust. For us it does sound like we have open headers because we cant make any power going the n/a route. It just makes the car louder because of more air is coming in/out of our cars and there is no benefit. The newer lancers have the mivec system which can benefit from simple bolt ons such as headers and exhaust. Im merely stating that just because the car is loud does not mean that something is illegal on it. My exhaust is plenty legal in all states this includes california. And so is my intake. But that doesnt mean you wont look at me coming down the highway at 65mph in a 60 and be like "something isnt right with him" or in your example me doing 25 in a 25. Not all cars have the advantage of not being as loud as the other when it comes to exhaust.

    And btw, there are quite a bit of cops in VA who abuse power and are douchebags. And not stating that you are in any means. But your statement made it sound like everyone whos exhaust is loud doing that speed has something illegal wrong with there car 75% or more of the time when it simply is not the case. I have nothing against cops just as I dont have anything against you. Its those who think that my car is loud that my car has an illegal mod to it or that im street racing it. If we had more cops that did any research on cars that are imports they will know that the 02-06 lancer in itself can not be a race car in the n/a form. I can even give you videos of my car as an example. My car is loud after 3k rpms. I drive anywhere between 2-3k rpms only because I have no need to waste gas in my car. When my car starts it idles at 1.5k for about 2 mins before it drops in rpms. And its has a decent amount of sound coming from it. That during a cold start.

    Simply stating loud car means nothing. It requires more than that to pull someone over for "illegal modifications". As far as us getting pulled over, meaning those of us with loud exhaust and imports, im speaking from experience. I was driving next to a loud chopper and I got pulled for loud exhaust. It was thrown out of court because I told the judge that 1. the cop had nothing to measure my sound to see if it was illegally too loud and 2. that there was a harley in front of me so it was impossible for him to hear just my car alone and determine that my car was too loud.
  14. Null462

    Null462 Member

    Fair enough man, I understand N/A cars having issues making power with simple bolt-ons... My other project car is a 2000 Dodge Neon 2.0l SOHC... It sounded ridiculous, so I welded a resonator in. Problem fixed. I'm sorry you have to deal with that shit in VA, man. I have been on the job for a few years now, but I still haven't made any traffic stops for equipment violations. I make stopps for speed, and even then I give people 20-25 over before I stop for it. To be fair, the fact that I'm on a tuner forum should alert you to the fact that we're on the same team...
  15. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    Your neon is essentially a 02-06 lancer. Lots o noise and no power. And welcome to the forums. Sorry for the debate.

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  16. Null462

    Null462 Member

    Its all good man..
  17. andy2964

    andy2964 Member

    to the neon owner...want to make the car fast..starrrt looking for srt-4 parts. Easy turbo job. And all this back and forth about loud exhaust...its because people buy typical fart cannons and do axel back systems. Mine sounded horrible and lagged tq terribly. I have kamakazi head, metalcat high flow, to 2.25id magnaflow (was apexi fart cannon). The car make more than enough power beffore 3K rpm. Back pressure is essential n a NA 2L car. Just IMHO and the other half about back pressure for na small displacment motors is fact.
  18. reniktom

    reniktom New Member

    well said
    great info
  19. You are a very capable person! best wishes
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