jeh438's nitrous install

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  1. I'm helping jeh438 with his nitrous. We got started tonight but are not really in a hurry because we still need to find a way to get fuel to the fuel solenoid. We ran the main feed line through the grommet already there for the hood release cable. I made a bracket for the solenoids and the WOT switch(don't have pics of that yet). We mocked up where we were going to put the solenoids and nozzle. Here are some pics, we will update as we get more done.
    His "custom" magnaflow exhaust.
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    50 shot I suppose, and wet at least. I have always tried to avoid nos but a 150 shot is a definately a big deference. Are you gonna run a 1/4 after install? Maybe do spray, no spray runs to see the difference.
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    that is a very dirty enigine
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    Very true.
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    ^^^ The first thing I noticed was the DIRT everywhere!! LOL

    It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.
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    wow, running a nitrous oxide line through the interior of the vehicle... not exactly the smartest idea. the kit comes with grommets just for that reason. Hope you have a safety release valve on the nozzle of the bottle just in case the pressure rises too high. ull certainly have to drill a hole in the bottom of the vehicle for that one so why not just go ahead and do it for the main line also?
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    I agree. Clean that up haha
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    make sure you make a video so we can see how this works on the lancer! :D
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    yeah really dirty, you must live around al lot of dirt roads. BTW i noticed the way you positioned your jets, try aiming them towards the throttle body not away from it.. ( the part screwed in to the rubber part of the intake tube)
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    That was just a mock up. the nozzle will be turned around. I know it's dirty but if you worked as much as i did and where I worked, you would be a little more nicer!!! ha ha ha. Anyway I will keep you guys posted so we can all have an option to do it if you guys want to!!
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    how uch qwould that run if i wanted to buy the whole kit brand new and could i put it somewhere that people wouldnt really notice? besides lookin uunder the hood...?
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    I haven't decided on where to put the bottle at yet. Without the bottle i have spent about 240 bucks. We are making our own brackets for the WOT switch and the solenoids. That will cut cost by going to lowe's and looking around! the bottle is up to you. They vary, but some sneaky pete bottles you could hide anywhere you want, but the bottle i have now is a 25lb bottle from a previous project. Just be creative with some of your minor things. Don't worry, I have cleaned my engine bay and will post more pics. Almost done with it!!! testing tomorrow!! I will show you how we did it
  14. We are using a ten pound bottle.
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    Man I was about to say 25lbs! that must be huge, lol yeah a 10lb bottom sounds more like it lol that is what my friend has in his Sebring.
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    Can't wait to see how this turns out. If it works out good for you I will prob be taking the same route soon. Ive already said to myself "screw the warranty" If the engine does have an issue, time for an upgrade. Good luck man. Ready for some updates!
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    "He's got enough NOS to blow himself up, period"
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    looking good so far, keep it up!!!

    you beat me to it :evil:
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    "Dude, I almost had you!!"

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    "had me? you never had never had your car"