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  1. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    I would like to know if anyone here knows what an ECU does for the car? I would like to hear your version of what it does.
  2. Subawho

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    I guess no one knows :lol:
  3. Evolve

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    should i copy-paste from Yahoo/Google/or wikipedia?

    sounds like you're getting different answers from all over the place. lol
  4. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    LOL, thats too easy. Some of us are not engineers and just wanted to know if anyone can explain it in their words. For the simple fact so that everyone knows what it does to their car.
  5. JayGTS88

    JayGTS88 Well-Known Member

    what i know is it MAKE THE CAR FASTER!!! and get the bolt on to work more effecently i guess :lol:
  6. sunstealth

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    if i recall correct ECU is just another denominative for the ECM wich iirc stand for engine control unit
    in other words, its the car computer,which tells the sensors and every electronic items to do their job as intended
  7. stronz73

    stronz73 Well-Known Member

    DING DING!! your right! /\. .....sort of?
  8. WillieetheOne

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    the ECU basically prevents you from blowing your engine. It will have tested set points inputed by the engineers that built the car. It takes air, RMP, and outside ambient air temp to insure proper fuel to air mix. It also now will keep your tire pressure within 5 psi i think i myself have already had the low air pressure alarm. That is just a small portion of what an ECU will for your car. They also can be a bitch when they become too complicated to hack lol. We all know about those DRL lol
  9. WillieetheOne

    WillieetheOne Well-Known Member

    Well it isnt good for your factory. The units you purchase actully override the old ECU setpoints created by the manufacture (Mitsu). The ones made by RRM and various other manufactures, just respec your emgines rpm ranges to give more speed faster. These are usually spliced into the wire harness of the exsisting ECU. This if seen by your dealership will void the engines warranty. Unless its changed since ive come back. I've been rather busy these past few months being deployed again and again. oh well. But i hope this basic explanation helps. The senior guys on here or Rock if you email them can give you a more detailed explanation.
  10. 04sportback

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    See I don't know for sure but an ECU is usually programmed by the factory to be eficciant the ECU controls how much air it needs to suck in and how much exhaust it needs to spit out and how much fuel it needs to drink to make your car run and drive smoothly, now when an aftermarket Intake, exhaust, injectors, or anything that will effect the air, fuel or exhaust you should have your cars ECU tuned so that it knows that something has changed and so that it can once again put out the correct amount of air, fuel and exhaust, now if I am wrong in any aspect of this please correct me but I'm pretty sure that's whats up.