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  1. Jogenmaru

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    I want a mod tshirt. If anyone wants to help me out here. I can send ya the money to get me one and the money to ship it to me.
  2. rocawearkid

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    If anyone from maryland plans to meet up and caravan to MOD, you must arrive at 10100 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD‎ no later than 4:50 AM...We leave at 5 AM...
  3. bras_33

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    I am getting a bit excited for this...I will be on vacation and will be in Flushings, NY...so i will be attending the east coast version of MOD...cant wait...
  4. I will be there !
  5. JDMhammer

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    nice name hahahaha
  6. Sinestra

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    OK guys we are 3 days out from MOD. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone please be safe on the drive. If you are traveling in caravans remember you will get extra attention from cops. Dont be a douchebag by speeding swerving in and out traffic and positively NO RACING. Everyone is excited as am I but try not to let it go to your head and do something stupid that ruins it for everyone I dont think i need to stress on how to act while we are actually there be respectful to everyone and their ride they have just as much right to be there as you do and be respectful of the event planners. It would be embarrassing to be ask to leave all because you acted like an azz monkey. Be safe be respectful and show the MOD guys that the East Coast Crews know how to roll.

    ill see everyone there!!
  7. jRox

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    2 more days!
  8. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    Less than 24 hours bump! All ya'll have fun and most importantly be safe and don't be dumbasses.
  9. Thanks man.. I can't wait to take a lot of pics today!
  10. Belgaram

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    I got a shit load of pictures I'll post. There were some insane Evos there. I was looking for signs of LT people but didnt see any heh. Sine, I looked for your car btw.... Oh and I will be on the video they make. I got interviewed and probably look like a huge jack ass... Since I had a Philly's hat the guy stopped and asked me about Philadelphia and had me doin Rocky impressions with em. Was pretty funny at the time, but I walked away after the interview thinkin... "I would beat me up after that interview... What a horses ass" hehe. But They video'd my car so that was pretty cool.
  11. JDMhammer

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    Hey man... im throwing a story together for LT on that... send me all your pix and video to alex.lancertuners@gmail.com
  12. Belgaram

    Belgaram Well-Known Member

    I have more pics to send but the problem is the pic size is so big I can only send 2 or 3 at a time. I'll work on em and get em to ya ASAP
  13. a nice show, easy to get to from the Philly area.. I bet we kept walking past each other.. Belagram my GTS is the same color as your ride.. I will work on my pics.. Hope to post them up here soon..
  14. JDMhammer

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    Anyone who has pix email them to me im going to make a gallery for them... hosting on me
  15. MOD '10 My pics

    Well here are my pics, I went with my kids and we had a good time.. Nice rides were there and this really has me thinking that sometime in the future I need to do things to my Lancer.. Yellow Eclipse 1.jpg Beer's GTS MOD '10.jpg NeoN_GreeN.jpg Nice Paint Black Eclipse.jpg

    Oh BTW the Orange GTS here is my car... :)
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  16. Belgaram

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    I saw your car, actually. There weren't many rotor glows there. Mine was against the back fence in between a blue Evo and that Dual Clutch Rally Art.
  17. I was curious to meet folks from this forum (especially since I am so new here) it's ok though, I was busy making sure my daughter was not bored. Belgaram, not sure If I saw your car, I did see at least one other Roto glow Lancer but it was more up front and towards the entrance to the lot than mine was.

    I was carrying two cameras and using a borrowed wide angle lens that I was just getting used to using it. It seemed to have a slower auto focus drive from the other lens I normally use.. I have a lot more pics, I just need time to crop and edit them.. I hope I find out about other meets and events close to me, I am in a photog group and we love cars so this may not be the last time you here of me.. LOL
  18. 1slowlance

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    Really like that green one.
  19. Sinestra

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    Alex ill have pics up today and i will email them to you as well. Beer fueled i spoke to you for a few a min lol i was taking a video when you standing next to your RG. I was the tall, black guy glasses wearing the Borla hat.
  20. Sorry man i am sure that was not with me, I was walking around with my four kids.. I had a grey hat that has a camera aperture logo on it and I had a cannon camera around my neck ... Don't get me wrong, I wanted to talk to folks there, but I did not know who there was part of this forum..