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  1. JDMhammer

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  2. Jogenmaru

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    WOOT WOOT!!!
  3. Sinestra

    Sinestra Well-Known Member

    will be downloading soon
  4. davidlanceres

    davidlanceres Well-Known Member

    Already Downloaded and loving it! I wish all forums had Tapatalk.
  5. jester

    jester Well-Known Member

    So my question is if I have an ipod touch will it work on it the same as an Iphone and are you planning on making a windows mobile compatible one also im sure it cant take to long to use the regular version on it but i figured I would ask anyways
  6. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    TapaTalk works on the ipod touch also but youll have to be on a wifi connection.

    As for windows phones i believe their working on an app for that
  7. The Beav

    The Beav Well-Known Member

    where's the android logo... lol! i got it and i love it!

    ummm of course i see it now damn small netbook screen....
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  8. JDMhammer

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    lmfao... id love to make my own app... im still working on something.