2nd Annual Mitsu's Take on the Dragon

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    This event is organized over on Club3G.org. This is the weekend after the East Coast meet in VA Beach. I am posting this just in case someone can't make it to that meet or, like me, someone is interested in attending both events.

    Its that time to start up the official thread for MTOD '11. The 2nd Annual Mitsubishi's Take On the Dragon Meet is fast approaching. Gameplan for the weekend will surround the trip to the Tail of The Dragon US HWY 129. For those who haven't heard about this road, it is one of the biggest car enthusiast roads in the country. In an 11 mile stretch, this hwy contains 318 turns. Its every car nuts dream.
    Picture of a section of the road:
    Special_K on the Dragon April 2009:
    Scenic View at the beginning of the Tail:
    Pearl01Strat on the Dragon:
    05eclipse05 on the Dragon:

    Link to last years pics here---------> http://www.club3g.com/forum/meets/136829-mtod.html

    What better place to meet new friends, see old friends, enjoy the scenery all around and get out and actually enjoy the road.

    There will be a thread starting March 7th, 2011 for lodging.

    The only thing that is planned for this meet is the Rally over to Tail of the Dragon and spending time over there. The rest of the time can be spent in a infinite amount of ways. There are plenty of things to do in the area like:

    Horseback Riding
    Site Seeing downtown Gatlinburg
    Eating Out downtown
    Driving other roads
    Chillen at the Cabin

    The possibilities are endless.

    What: The 2nd annual Mitsubishi's Take On the Dragon National Meet
    Where: Gatlinburg, Tennessee (also Tail of the Dragon HWY 129 in Deal's Gap, NC)
    When: July 20th-24th, 2011 Who: Any and all Mitsu's and/or Mitsu fanatics
    Why: To have a good time!

    Links to look at:
    Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway, Graham Co, NC
    Welcome to the Blue Ridge Parkway
    Gatlinburg, TN - Gatlinburg Tennessee - Official Site, Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce
    Pigeon Forge Family Vacation Destination Guide ? Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
    ERA in the Smokies Cabin Rentals

    Tail of the Dragon Calendar of Events
    Mitsu's Take On the Dragon 2011 Event on Facebook

    We had over 50 people attend the 1st MTOD last year, I am hoping for over 100 this year. MTOD '11 promises to be BIGGER, BETTER, LONGER!!! :naughty: The faster way to HWY 129 is open this year so no more 3 hour drive to get there. Clingmans Dome is also open this year, so there will be more to do!

    Who's Coming:
    1) Special_K - Kevin - Club3g
    2) blkshdw03 - Tara - Club3g
    3) froubaby - Liz - Club3g
    4) RedDevl - Vlad - Lands unknown
    5) DGJ04RT - 2Gstratus.org (Me)
    6) Tearstone - Russ - Club3g
    7) Mister_Bishi - Club3g
    8) db00eclipse - Dave - Club3g
    9) tomsoutdoor - Tom +1 - Club3g
    10) 05eclipse05 - Chad - Club3g
    11) Cheftic - John - Club3g/Z06
    12) finesse49ers - Charles - Club3g/DSMtuners/evom
    13) wright06jhs - Chris - 2gstratus.org
    14) Iceman99turbo - Jeremy +1 - Club3g
    15) EclipseGT2K2 - Club3g/Lancer
    16) HaZal2d0us aka dk89 - 2gstratus.org
    17) 3gEclipse86 +1 - Club3g
    18) JermTheElf +3 - Jeremy - Club3g
    19) yahh - Club3g
    20) thahnic1080 - Club3g
    21) Centurin - Club3g
    22) pearl01strat - Dan - 2gstratus.org
    23) geffy_973 - Club3g
    24) eclipsechick7 - Britt - Club3g
    25) Boostjunki84 - Adam - DSMTuners
    26) Tunernewb92 - Brian - DSMPurity
    27) _pg - evolutionm
    28) hs2ktc - evolutionm
    29) IraqiVet +1 - Michael & Felicia - evolutionm
    30) LineNoiz - Jeremiah - evolutionm
    31) Sararose - Sara Rose +1 - Club3g
    32) Jane_Blaze - Terri - Club3g
    33) Falselink - - Club4g.org
    34) StreetLegal - 2gstratus.org
    35) knoxvillestratus - 2gstratus.org
    36) drunkoffjuic +1 - Eric & Lindsay - Club3g
    37) Kaos' Spyder +1 - Club3g
    38) clssiercke - Club3g
    39) Chaos22 +1 - Kevin & Alicia - Club3g
    40) JeremyV +1 - Jeremy - Club3g
    41) DarkSidEclipse - - Club4g.org
    42) GS03Spyder +1 - Club3g
    43) kabob - Club3g
    44) brad02420 +1 - Club3g
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    Preliminary Agenda:

    Wednesday July 20th

    Arrive in Gatlinburg throughout the afternoon to evening timeframe. Meet up with friends and get to know new ones. There is no set time for arrival.

    Thursday July 21st

    Take a group trip to Clingmans Dome. Great drive, great hike and awesome views.

    *Clingmans Dome (Highest point in the Smokey Mountains and a kick ass drive up)* Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Clingmans Dome (U.S. National Park Service)

    Friday July 22nd

    Noon - Cookout @ Chimney Tops Picnic Area
    Also at the cookout, we will be having a small show n shine so clean your cars off and show it off!

    Spend the day exploring Gatlinburg

    *Side trip for those who want to hit up some of the roads. We will be taking a trip out to Cades Cove. Another great drive and awesome views.*
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Cades Cove (U.S. National Park Service)

    Saturday July 23rd

    9am - Meet at the Gatlinburg side Visitors Center to head to the Dragon. Yes its early but it will take us about 1 hr to get to the dragon and there are some great places to stop for group pics. There will be a torque wrench, an air compressor and pressure gauge available to anyone for use. I can not guarantee that I will have the correct 'key' for your set of lug nuts, so be prepared and bring your own. You have been warned!

    1030am - Take on The Dragon (Be prepared to spend the better portion of the day there. Deals Gap offers food, beverages, bathrooms, some souveniers and gas. Make sure you bring money with you).

    7pm - Meet up for dinner. To be determined.

    Sunday July 24th

    Breakfast and depart

    Other than the above activities, the weekend is open to endless possibilities. You can enjoy:

    Horseback Riding
    Site Seeing downtown Gatlinburg
    Eating Out downtown
    Driving other roads
    Chillen at the Cabin/Hotel
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    So much stuff happening in July. Im on the line on going now since the following im going to Baltimore for 3 days. If I go to this that is a major event for the last 3 weekends. I should start saving now. lol
    Also, posted on LT facebook.
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    Link to lodging thread now listed in the second post.....

    Preliminary Agenda in the third post.......

    Anybody interested in this at all? I know some people are going to be showing up on Thursday rather than Wednesday.
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    I think im the only one that is even interested. But im still 50/50 on it. Ive got stuff and I dont know if I will be tuned by that time or not. I should be though. Not promising anything though.
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    I understand man. I know this is right after the ECMM so not expecting a bunch of people interested. Lancer meet-ups are more frequent than some of the other vehicle sites I have been on in the past. I have this posted on 9gl and PL as well and out of the three sites, you are the only one that has shown any interest. That surprises me, but again, not expecting a huge turnout of Lancers with the dates proximity to ECMM.
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    Its actually not ECMM thats gonna drain my money as I stay 25-45 mins away for the meet up place. Its the anime convention Im going to the last week of July. This sounds like fun but if anything I would only be able to make it for one day because I wont be able to afford rent or anything like that for those days. Or get the time off. I wasted most of it earlier this year to get away from ppl.

    And yea, Im suprised not many lancer guys want to go. I would assume they are either lacking the funds or are just afraid of the criticism they will recieve from others. Also, try Missourimitsu.com. Davidlanceres owns that site. Im sure there might be some ppl there that may want to go.
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