2010 Mitsubishi i

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by trev0006, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. xSoni

    xSoni Well-Known Member

    lol damn thats ugly ;D
  2. 1slowlance

    1slowlance Well-Known Member

    I'd rock it as a daily. And, did I see a touch screen head unit? Lol. Just think: You're getting on interstate, and an 18-wheeler is coming up fast and can't get over, you floor it and don't go anywhere, so instead you shoot underneath it cuz its so small. Lol.
  3. lordayne

    lordayne Well-Known Member

    lol 63 hp and its turbo, lmao.
  4. 1slowlance

    1slowlance Well-Known Member

    I heard that too. It must be making 30 horse with out the turbo. Lol. Pretty beastly.