09 civic si sedan vs. lancer 09 GTS

Discussion in 'Way Out There...' started by jorgeous8, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. jorgeous8

    jorgeous8 Active Member

    I'm just curious. Who will win? Both STOCK. coz my friend likes to trash talk on my car.
  2. spiderman671

    spiderman671 Guest

    LOL!! Didn't you post this same question on evom? haha
  3. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    09 will beat the si. A buddy of mine and I raced and I have an 08 and he only won by no joke 2ft
  4. EngRWW33

    EngRWW33 Well-Known Member

    no competition here.... si will smoke us stock!!
  5. jorgeous8

    jorgeous8 Active Member

  6. jorgeous8

    jorgeous8 Active Member

    i am so damn madd!!! :x i just wanna beat the shit out of him so he wouldn't say shit about my car!!! Sorry guys!
  7. skullpr

    skullpr Well-Known Member

    yes it will...i test drove the SI before i got the GTS and hands down a stock SI will beat a stock GTS...they are really fast developers plus the car is really light on weight...so yeah... :(
  8. olvhec

    olvhec Well-Known Member

    Yeah sorry bud, that SI should own you.
  9. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    I say do the race and tell is cuz u got the 2.4L
  10. EngRWW33

    EngRWW33 Well-Known Member

    throw spikes at his tires at the start of the race, then spill oil out the back after you get ahead a bit... you should get him then :D
  11. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    ^+2 And that race has been long overdue!
  12. LancerRA09

    LancerRA09 Well-Known Member

    SI vs. RA =D
  13. nickbutterz

    nickbutterz Well-Known Member

    SI will smoke you unless he isnt good a stick. Then it would be driver reason. but a stock SI is putting up alot more hp then our cars and they only weigh like 1900lbs
  14. azn_ghetto

    azn_ghetto Well-Known Member

    SI of course

    an SI has a K20 pulling 197hp, and the fact that the car is way lighter then the lancer

    SI hands down

    the only way the SI would lose is if the driver cant drive worth sh!t, who knows mybe you should try and see, your friend might just be all talk, you be the judge of that
  15. Evolve

    Evolve Well-Known Member

    my girl ownz an Si.

    it'll smoke us.

    And if you don't believe me go ahead and put $100 bucks on the race and lemme know how it goes.
  16. LancerRA09

    LancerRA09 Well-Known Member

    yes but an RA should have an SI, thats 197 at the fly, not the wheels
  17. Evolve

    Evolve Well-Known Member

    dude ok.

    you're talking about a boosted all wheel drive against an N/A fwd car?

    yea. im pretty sure the RA would win. preeeeeeeeetty sure

  18. olvhec

    olvhec Well-Known Member

    Lol, yeah the RA would own the si, but a regular Lancer..... :lol: . I definately agree on the driver part though. That has a lot to do with it, I think the si only has about the same amount of torque as we do as well.
  19. vik2rius

    vik2rius Well-Known Member

    honestly you guys...Si aint that much good...i read it somewhere in some motorsports shop in one of their project cars, Si is only pulling in about 140-150hp on the wheels with intake & muffler...

    if I find it..i will post it...

    and ive raced a few Si in my town...especially a 4d Si...i could say that my 08 GTS or an 09 GTS has a lot more chance than you think...dunno maybe their shitty drivers, even I consider myself a shitty driver...

    i say try it out....
  20. XxLaNcErGTSxX

    XxLaNcErGTSxX Well-Known Member

    Si, its fast. Si vs 08= Si, Sivs 09= Si, Si vs RA= RA