Your story experience with ASC System Service Required...

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    Okay so yeah i know this has been asked before a bunch of times but i wanna know what are the causes of it and how to fix? For those that have had it come out on your car how did your car react? Pretty much i seen that a lot of people have had this problem and randomly happens to them even while driving normally, so the only thing that can come to my mine is that its going to be a recall on our cars. I've seen a email to the main corporate of Mitsubishi Automotives and never got a respond back. I would like to know the story of everyone that has had this issue with the ASC System and how did your car act and if it almost or did it caused a accident? Thank you.
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    (Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2013 CVT)

    So my story is that the ASC System has came out on my car a lot but it goes away. At times when it happens my throttle respond doesnt respond good the lack of acceleration make the car drive very very slow even when i would press the gas all the way down. So today it happened again but this time it was more different, the ASC SYSTEM came on so i pulled over and then turned it off then i turned it on but it struggled to turn on as in like the electricity wouldnt run threw the car but then it turned on and in 10 seconds the CEL came on and the throttle wasnt responding and this time my car would hardly move at all so i had to leave my job early to get home cause i couldn't drive it like that. A couple of days ago the ASC System came out at night after i got outta one of my jobs and went to the store after work. When i was leaving the store i was backing up and stopped before getting to the pole and switched it to D and when i pressed the accelerator the car pulled back hard like if it was still one R and made me hit the pole nasty and then drove forward.