wiper washer dont work

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    Let me start off by saying I tried to search lol. Anyway I have a 2011 lancer sportback with about 23000 miles. last month for no reason that I know of my wiper washer wouldn't spary. I was going to call the dealer and make a apt its a process because there over a hour away. I hit the switch and it started working again. So I decided to pull the washer fluid tank out and clean that all out as well as the pump. everything was really dirty down there so I figured a conntion was bad. everything looked new and worked great. But that lasted about a month working fine. Than this mourning same thing again stop working. I have the service pdf so I been looking them over without much help. I can hear the 30 amp fuse under the steering wheel clicking which it always does and checked the fuse it was fine I even replaced and it still don't work. I want to try to figure this out without having to go to the dealer. By the time I drive there and back and wait it wouldn't even be worth the warrenty if it was just the motor. I would just buy it out right and install it myself. Im going to go buy a power prop tool today to check current to the pump and the pump itself. Any help or ideas would be great. Cant find much info on this topic from google with 2008+ lancers. THANKS
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    Hmm...of course, my first guess would be fuse...but you eliminated that. I know you checked the connection, but How tight is the connector to the pump? Maybe its just a bent blade, bad ground, or wire inside the connector loose. I had to replace the pump on my mother's Jeep...not that hard, but if its just a shotty connection there's no need to spend 15-20 bucks on a new pump. I'm sure that you've probably already thought of this, so I'm probably not any help...but that would be my next place to look...connections

    I've noticed that on my '11 the front marker light harness wiring is a little iffy. If I bend one of the wires, the bulb goes dark....straighten it out, and it comes back on. I think it may just be one of those "work when I wanna" connections.
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    Yeah just found out the pumps getting power. I tried hooking up the pump to another power source and nothing so it looks like a dead pump. That's prolly why it worked on and off a few times and finally died. Its about $95.00 for a new pump off a 2010 gts sportback since Mitsubishi don't list my car let with shipping and a new gasket.