Why a Lancer?

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Which one?

  1. Mazda 3

  2. Lancer GTS

  1. sordid

    sordid Well-Known Member

    It has to be. Mazda3s and hatches are for chicks. Dudes get 6s.
  2. Z

    Z Active Member

    wrong about hatchbacks, how many chicks you see driving GTi's?
  3. westcoast

    westcoast Well-Known Member

    Whatever you do, dont get a cvt or you will regret it. Makes the lancer seem like a pos.
  4. chileanpride06

    chileanpride06 Well-Known Member

    you know what, i think you should just wait another few months and just get the RA, i mean if your looking at performance wise it will smash the 3 and the gts. I dunno on the speed3, but maybe. i say this because i am selling my lancer, and i see a lot of other people wanting to do the same. I mean hey you get everything the gts has, just more power and that nice awd......
  5. eKtor

    eKtor Well-Known Member

    I have to admit that I am vote number 2 for the 3...

    I can say that I have enough experience on both... I have been here and on projectlancer.net and well, my post count kinda talks for my experience.

    I admit that I didnt do research before I got the lancer, and I fell in love with the look. I honestly think that its the hottest looking car on the streets right now. Now, I think they paid too much attention to the looks and overlooked the performance. The car performance-wise sucks mayor bawls. Because of this, the aftermarket industry are not too interested in the car. I work for a company that sells aftermarket parts. Although they specialize in mazdas, we sell parts for EVERY car platform. Basically everything that the mayor aftermarket companies sell, we retail. I had a conversation with our Injen rep (for example) and she told me that 1. the lancer doesnt have a lot potential with regular bolt-ons and 2. the market isnt big enough to create the necessary demand to build supply... Now for the 3.... thats another story...

    My girlfriend has a 3. The fact that the 3 is the "belly-button" is a very good thing for tuner people. this created such a demand that right now, you can even buy turbo kits for the 3 that are half of the price of the kit for the lancer and you can create double the power than the kit for the lancer creates. For example, you guys can ask LancerGTS and pimpinfern about the 3 that we had on HIN Orlando. it was a regular 3 (not a speed3). That car had some engine work. Basically the owner spent very close to what the current lancer kit is worth on his built, and he was putting around ~430hp to the wheel on pump, no spray no meth, with dyno sheets to back it up. That something that you dont see with the lancer. And in a real tuner world, that counts a lot.

    Now, if all you are looking is looks, then the lancer is your car, cause its just too dam sexy :D

    its also very comfortable... I am a big guy (shut up fern lol), and the lancers seats are a bit wider.. every time i get in my girlfriends car, ifeel a bit fatter LOL... BUT.. you can NEVER say that the lancers interiors are better than the 3 EVER!.... Another bad thing about the lancer is that, the interios... it really has rental car interiors, that nobody cant hide.... look at a 3 and at a lancer's interiors side by side and the 3 smacks the lancer. but for some people (like me) dont care a lot about that. I dont have the 650w system... and side by side, the regular 3's radio smacks the lancer's too... i am a graduated audio engineer, and sound is a big thing.. I installed the exact same system that i have to my GFs car, and it just smacks mine bad. so yea.... dash-kit and aftermarket head unit are necessary just to be equal to the 3. unless you get the 650w system.

    All in all, performance and interior, the 3 wins.... Exteriors, the lancer is teh sexy bich :D

    Now my REAL advise, is to save some extra pennies and get the SPEED3.... now thats a WHOLE different story and I could go for hours on why to get it :)

    .....but yea... lancer is too sexy to get rid of...... i mean, look at my sig :D
  6. eKtor

    eKtor Well-Known Member

    I didnt mean to kill the mood here :(
  7. mindgamee3

    mindgamee3 Member


  8. chileanpride06

    chileanpride06 Well-Known Member

    awww, its dead, the mood is dead.quick someone say something great about the lancer....
    i got one, when you turn the car off, the on screen computer says good bye, how about that you stupid 3!
  9. papi2dmamis

    papi2dmamis Well-Known Member

    I test drove the Mazda 3 and the Mazdaspeed 3, after I ask my insurance agent I found out that it will go up, thats not counting that the Speed3 uses premium fuel. Then I saw the Lancer in the Mitsu dealer, to be honest the 1st thing that draw me to the Lancer was the looks. Then the fuel economy, the warranty and at the end the insurance cost seal the deal for me. Mine is the ES, but I bought the parts straight from the dealer to give it the GTS look and it only cost me $433.00 more on my car, the dealer installed them for free when the car arrive from North Carolina.
  10. eKtor

    eKtor Well-Known Member

    Including the rims????
  11. papi2dmamis

    papi2dmamis Well-Known Member

    Sorry not the rims...I had the 18" before I receive the keys for my car. The rims was the 1st first thing I changed once I drove the car home.
  12. lordtygr

    lordtygr Well-Known Member

    you get your ride yet??
  13. GJL44

    GJL44 Member

    I'll throw an unbiased opinion into the mix.

    The Lancer looks like an Evo which is just evil IMO.
    Unless your getting a Mazdaspeed3 I feel like the performance tuning potential of the Mazda 3 is pretty weak compared to the potential of a Lancer(they do make a turbo kit for it if I'm not mistaken). Also IDK if you searched or not but there probably aren't too many Mazda 3 tuning forums out there so any work you would want to do you'd be on your own for support.

    Good luck choosing and hope you get the car that makes you happiest.
  14. 03 ES GUY

    03 ES GUY Well-Known Member

    Kind of a bump for an old thread lol
  15. blueking_4

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    True statement. Lol!
  16. GJL44

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    Hahahahaha...didn't even see when the last post was
  17. timschoeliertm

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    msn auto the two, they will tell you everything about both