Why a Lancer?

Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by mindgamee3, Sep 21, 2008.

Which one?

  1. Mazda 3

  2. Lancer GTS

  1. 4B12LancerGTS

    4B12LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    I mean dude cmon ur in a LANCER TUNERS site were all goin to say the GTS 09 because of the fact its the new MIVEC 2.4L 168 HP 167 LBS Torque tuned suspension all stock that way. I love my 09 GTS its great and fun. I would expect the ES 2.0L to get its ass whooped by a Mazda 3 but they have no chance against the 09 GTS believe me i know :wink:
  2. mindgamee3

    mindgamee3 Member

    lol, of course i know you guys are biased but i just wanted to see if other lancer owners loved the lancer because of something i was missing, or if i pretty much had the big picture.

    i learned about differences in warranties and found a good place to buy the damn thing, so all in all i'd say pretty successful, :D
  3. 4B12LancerGTS

    4B12LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    Thats great dude! WELCOME TO LT! :D and have fun and lots of sex with your new car!
  4. mindgamee3

    mindgamee3 Member

    I lol'd at this. I'm excited about getting a Lancer... not that excited. lol.
  5. bambam

    bambam Well-Known Member

    also the 2008 gts beats the mazda 3=) but i have an ijen intake so that helps
  6. chileanpride06

    chileanpride06 Well-Known Member

    shoot the lancer DE beats the 3 too, but like you i got the injen intake and exhaust and rrm headers and pulley and....................
  7. bambam

    bambam Well-Known Member

    lol sick
  8. 4B12LancerGTS

    4B12LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    Lol well complete stock 09 GTS can take many many cars.

    What i have encountered and beaten with my 09 GTS 5 SPD

    4Cyl 240sx
    5Cyl VW Rabbit
    4Cyl Honda Civic
    6Cyl Honda Accord
    6Cyl Mustang
    many more but cant think right now
  9. lordtygr

    lordtygr Well-Known Member

    well, idk if it will get you a discount, but he said he'd hook me up somehow. if it's monatary, i'll split it with you. if it's a free oilchange, you can have it, lol. if it's accessories... well, the only thing i don't have pretty much is the cigar lighter so anything else you can also have, HAHA!

    well since the only way you can get a moonroof is with the S&S package, your pretty much have to take the rockford fosgate system. don't let the name and apparent wattage fool you though. consider this. it's advertised as a 9 speaker system. it's really 7. the rear door speakers are 'full range' speakers (i.e. coaxial) so mitsu counts them as seperate speakers. 650watts is split up between all 9 speakers, not just your sub. speaking of the sub, it is only a dual voice coil 75watt/75watt @ 1.5ohms/1.5ohms. don't get me wrong, its not a bad system. in fact it's a very damn good system for stock. just don't expect to rattle your neighbors windows, lol

    also, mitsu sells an ipod cable that hooks into the stereo. i'm not sure of the details, like if it provides any control over it or charging or whatever. you'll have to find that out, or if some else here who has it can tell you.

    also, yeah, it'll happen, just a matter of when
  10. DVHopeful

    DVHopeful Well-Known Member

    yes there's gripes i have with my 08. but when you start to get asked if it's an evo. thats when you never look back. i as well as just about everyone with a lancer get more ppl to be like wtf is that? haha. i had a few choices i was thinking about, what it came down to was the warranty and how amazing they have made a 20k car look.

    but i still want a RA or X =)
  11. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    Yeah, well my Mitsu dealership is pretty laid back. They actually love that I've done some tunage to it. They're even puttin' me in the city's Santa Claus parade because my underglow can flash green and red hahaha.

    Oh, and to this day I still get asked "Is that an Evo?" I'm at the point where I just say yes and walk away... haha.
  12. DragnRidr85

    DragnRidr85 Well-Known Member

    when i got my 08 and went paintballing a few weeks later the guy who runs the place was like "hey man nice evo... is it still factory tuned?"...so i just said "yea it's still factory... haven't modded yet".... just a little white lie cause it's not an evo lol =)
  13. Z

    Z Active Member

    well you can see that we got some happy owners here in LT. They all love their cars for different reasons, some just like the aggressive look, others like the handling and performance and others like the fact that there are plenty of parts available to make the lancer their own.
    have you gone to 3 forums/boards/communities? I suggest going there to see if the owners also love their cars or if they simply "like" what their stock with. for either the lancer or mazda forums, go into the help/trouble shooting/problems section to see whats going on. maybe the mazdas autowipers start working 10 minutes after it starts to rain or turn on after every other bug smashes the windshield. Maybe the 10,000 watt double premium sound system is great for the first month and speakers start to blow past the 2nd month.
    just because a car comes "loaded" doesnt mean it's beneficial to you. ie, my car came with sunroof, yeah it makes it look sporty but is it ever open? hell no, i live in SoCal so AC is on 98% of the time. are we really that lazy that we need autowipers? in my honest opinion any so called "premium" sound system on a common car sucks big time. Nowadays a decent sound system doesn't cost that much, it will cost a fraction of what any dealer would have charge you to put in their "premium" sound system.
    Financing/monthly payment.... i dont know of your financial situation but i've always had to finance my cars for 4 or 5 years. so i know i had to like what i was going to be stock with for the next few years. i always look at it this way, 200 bucks a month for something ok or 250 bucks for something i like. also take into consideration insurance. for one, it will tell you how much more you need to pay a month for either car. it will also tell you wich car will cost the most to fix, as car insurance is mostly based on how expensive repairs and parts are...

    and if you still cant decide which car to pick, this applies to any car.... find the cheapest car rental and rent it for at least a day. Take it on the freeway to see how fast/slow is and/or how good the transmission feels. take it through some curbs to see how it handles. go buy groceries to see how it fits your daily life. take some friends and go on a nice drive to see how comfortable the car is. don't do stupid stuff like going to the track to test the performance or go 80 on a 25mph curb to see how it handles...that should do the trick.... but if you still cant make up your mind, flip a coin.

    I dont own a lancer, but i do own a mitsu so i'm still biased :D i say get the lancer over the mazda.
  14. sordid

    sordid Well-Known Member

    I bought mine because the salesperson who sold it to me was the hottest one of all the dealers I was at. She's smokin'.
  15. Evo8cfb

    Evo8cfb Member

    Because it looks similar to an EVO.

    haha :lol:
  16. chileanpride06

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  17. Z

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    did you atleast get a date out of her too? lol
  18. Z

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    actually i like the lancers new look but i hate how it looks on the evo, evo should have been a different....too radical of the change IMO, i like how they had a trend of long sleek heads, rectangularish/bulky tails, and nice straight lines...
  19. mindgamee3

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    unfortunately, this is not a sufficient impetus for a purchase. and ditto, did you at least get a date out of it? lol.

    thanks a lot for the input, i'll go check out mazda forums and follow your advice

    and somebody voted for the 3... lol, blasphemy.
  20. Z

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    i'll have the admins check to see who voted for the 3 so they can ban him...or her, well if it's a her she can stay lol