who what to be October ride of the month

Discussion in 'Ride Of The Month (ROTM)' started by jacob1bc, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. jacob1bc

    jacob1bc Well-Known Member

    BlueDevilLancer and enkrypter_DJ i need you to post you link for your progress thread. if you dont you will be disqualified for ROTM.
  2. Gflo412

    Gflo412 Well-Known Member

    just painted my rims the other day, im washing and waxing today and then new pix will be up in the progress report
  3. vmo91

    vmo91 Well-Known Member

    count me in
  4. BlueDevilLancer

    BlueDevilLancer Well-Known Member

    yo jacob1bc count me out on this i'll try for nov. only cuz i have some new stuff coming and id like to save it for the next month. thanks
  5. Gflo412

    Gflo412 Well-Known Member

    just uploaded new pix, everyone check them out before voting lol
  6. jacob1bc

    jacob1bc Well-Known Member

    enkrypter_DJ i still need u to post your progress thread. Or you will DQ yourself. **NOTICE** everyone there's only two days left to enter your name for Oct ROTM voting
  7. enkrypter_DJ

    enkrypter_DJ Well-Known Member

    sorry PG wont be up on time, count me out

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

  9. jacob1bc

    jacob1bc Well-Known Member

    one day left to put your name in.
  10. jacob1bc

    jacob1bc Well-Known Member

    done no more names
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