West Coast Events FOR THE YEAR - Please Sticky!

Discussion in 'West Coast Owners Forum' started by Subawho, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Subawho

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    Here is a link to events that you can compete in that are located on the west coast (CA, NV, AZ, WA, OR, and some other spots for big events):


    This list contains:

    Driving Schools
    Rally Schools
    Local Major Events
    Hill Climbs
    Links to MANY rally, autocross and rallycross websites for these areas (Including local SCCA chapters)
  2. kinkbmxrydr

    kinkbmxrydr Guest

    which one u going to? ill try and go out to one. id like to rally my car, but i probally wont lol maybe autox
  3. Subawho

    Subawho Well-Known Member

    Many rallies in the area are road rallies so you dont have to worry about offroading your car. They also arent point to point speed rallies where you just haul full ass. They are on regular streets and are setup in a way where you can technically win the event going the posted speed limit. They are also setup in a way where you can drive how youd like through very nice areas and then have a slow section to balance it all out.
  4. bras_33

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    That sounds like fun!! Kinda like Bullrun without f'ing up your car.