vote for your nov. rotm

Discussion in 'Ride Of The Month (ROTM)' started by jacob1bc, Nov 3, 2009.

Vote for your Nov. ROTM

  1. 2. LuvMyLancer

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  2. 1.

  3. 3. XxLaNcErGTSxX

  4. 4. khaos

  5. 5. enkrypter_DJ

  6. 6. dizzle

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  7. 7. Redline1

  8. 8. stalrev

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  1. x32weezyx

    x32weezyx Well-Known Member

    stalrev hot lancer dude...i personally like the evo8 look more than newer models...luvmylancer i really like ur car to...i gotta go wit stalrev tho cuz i have the same
  2. xSoni

    xSoni Well-Known Member

    Go dao style! lol
  3. Well-Known Member

    ^ thanks :)
  4. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    I went for dao too. Love the rim choice and that's the first car I've honestly really liked the X spoiler on lol.
  5. Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone for your vote, looks like a close race
  6. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Yeah looks like my top 3 picks are the top 3 most voted for lol. Only reason I didn't pick dizzle is I'm not a huge fan of the rims and redline1 I just didn't like the rear end :p

    Good luck to everybody though.
  7. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    got my boy's back...
  8. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    Where's the love for the female? LOL jk

    Looks like it's another tight race!
  9. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Wow Luv you're pulling ahead lol.
  10. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    Meh, only by one... I haven't even bribed anyone yet LOL (not that I would :p)
  11. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Haha that's still 1 more than everyone else :)
  12. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    Ya well unless I end up like 10 ahead, I won't hold my breath LOL
  13. dizzle

    dizzle Well-Known Member

    no offense to luv but how is her car winning over redline? gotta change my vote from my car to redline's.
  14. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    I dunno... cuz mine's just as unique? Just in a different way. Besides....Redline stole the strobe lights idea from me :p
  15. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    People have different tastes in cars.
  16. dizzle

    dizzle Well-Known Member

    i honestly meant no offense by my earlier comment. luv does have some nice pics and the underglow is neat but all i am saying is that redline has triple the upgrades, both performance and cosmetic. i happily concede to a car like that. lowered suspension and wheels are more or less a starting point for me, unless the car has other amazing qualities... like completely custom fabricated headlights or maybe like an xbox hooked up to a touchscreen.
  17. enkrypter_DJ

    enkrypter_DJ Well-Known Member

    If redline wouldnt have a fartcan he woulda got my vote. nice car, cool looking guy and does his work himself.But i just hate fart cans and the false hope they bring to ppl thinking they get 10+ hp and they never get nice sound
  18. dizzle

    dizzle Well-Known Member

    please don't tell me that a car with a transformers sticker won rotm. seriously?
  19. enkrypter_DJ

    enkrypter_DJ Well-Known Member

    her car has a strong presence, cheap and effective
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