vote for Oct. ROTM

Discussion in 'Ride Of The Month (ROTM)' started by jacob1bc, Sep 26, 2009.

vote for ROTM

  1. 1.Ciphony

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  2. 2.Hydrolikz

  3. 3.Gflo412

  4. 4.JDM FLOW

  5. 5.Redline1

  6. 6.vmo91

  7. 7.XxLaNcErGTSxX

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  1. Keeeent

    Keeeent Well-Known Member

    +1 Hydrolikz

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    voted , good luck to everyone
  3. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    Man tough decision... I went with Redline on this one... he seems to have the most modified car and I am really digging that cf hood. There are a couple of runner ups that I am sure will be big contenders on here in future votes.
  4. Well-Known Member

    ^ i went with redline too =]
  5. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    deff deff
  6. xSoni

    xSoni Well-Known Member

    +1 Hydrolikz

    Go GG! lol
  7. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    I picked JDM. I like how simple the modifications are. No offense but a lot of the other cars seemed kinda over done lol. Second choice would have to be Redline though.
  8. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    Overdone? Which part? Not taken offense but that's the first i've heard that, and I'd just like to know your opinion?
  9. Ciphony

    Ciphony Well-Known Member

    i might think he was talking about mine... yes... a little overdone.. i have less parts that are oem on the car than aftermarket... but i am at a big disadvantage. 1 in the fact that my parts arena is getting smaller and smaller by the day and the 08-09 parts grow. 2 I believe that majority of owners activly participating have 04+ lancers and dont exactly enjoy the 02-03 body style unless in evo form. 3 i feel the style i went with will only suit someone who has been eyeing the 02-03 generation sence inception and you need to see it in person... but i do like alot of the competition. I took all of the cars listed and put their progress reports side by side in seperate windows... props to Hydrolikz and redline on there stellar works. Gflow has some nice lighting and chrome work. vmo has nice lighting and some body stylings i want to rip off his and put on mine. But Good work all and good luck on future mods!
  10. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Sorry Ciphony I just don't like that body style all that much you're right :S

    Idk maybe over done was the wrong term. For some reason I'm not a big fan of the GG. Just doesn't look as clean as the White or Blue.
  11. JDM FLOW

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    thank you for you're vote and ww ftw or-course haha but like i said again , good luck to everyone and choose you're votes that you think is best

  12. Well-Known Member

    i think your car looks great, just not feeling your current rims, i kind of like the rims you got with it in ver 1.0
    i was planning to get a 02-03 lancer before i got my 08 =]
  13. x32weezyx

    x32weezyx Well-Known Member

    ciphony....i think your car is mad my vote
  14. Ciphony

    Ciphony Well-Known Member

    the rims in ver 1.0 are 17" and the tires were junk so i wanted a new set and saw a max size of 18" on the lancer plus the wheel curves nicely with the body.. didnt like so many spokes... alot harder to clean..
    i am not sure if the hotttt part was a joke about the car melting but thanks either way...

    yeah the car got melted by a fire... so i had to rebuild it..
  15. x32weezyx

    x32weezyx Well-Known Member even think of that....seriously tho ur car nice...just not a fun of ur ass end...look a lil weird in sum of the pics..not sure y
  16. jacob1bc

    jacob1bc Well-Known Member

    this is the last day for voting.
  17. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    Thanks Keeeent xSoni and everyone else who voted for me, I appreciate the votes ftw!
  18. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    When does the new banner go up?
  19. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Lol calm down dude your time will come :p
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