UPDATED 1st post :HID Group Buy

Discussion in 'AutoMoGlow.com' started by Automoglow, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    Updated List: If everyone on this list is serious on the purchase we are gonna be good to go!

    Viper16 -
    GTSlancer- 12000k
    Chetman7- 12000K
    Malakei -
    JakeGTS- 12000K
    Sp4rt4n- 15000K

    Ok i heard a lot of people are interested in the HID kits. I need only 10 people for the group buy and the price will be 190.00 lets get everyone thats interested to post under here with the bulb size and the color temp when we reach 10 I can take payment form each person. If you have friends that aren't on the forum the post them with yours.

  2. gtslancer

    gtslancer New Member

    im in.... hid for $190.... i like the temp 12000
  3. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    Ok so right now i have these people interested in the HID group buy still looking for at least 10 people and they dont have to be from the fourm!

    Lancer GTS

    RALLIART Well-Known Member

    more will come ppl have been asking me about them, i told them to come here and get in on the group buy, may be they forgot or somethign....ahh it will take some time..
  5. Subawho

    Subawho Well-Known Member

    Im sure people (including myself) would be more willing to go this route if there was a better way to deal with the DRLs than switching them over to the fog lights :?
  6. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    Very true im sure someone will figure something out, they always do! I have been searching the net finding more info on it
  7. Patrickmann

    Patrickmann Well-Known Member

    What exactly is the problem with installing HID lights on the 2008 Lancer? I don't like problems. Lol..
  8. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    Bypassing the daytime running lights !
  9. chetman7

    chetman7 Well-Known Member

    nice....group buys...great way to save money, I have money in hand if u can figure out how to disable the DRL's. but yea put me on the list, by the time we get 10 ppl......there will hopefully be a solution.
  10. Sum1

    Sum1 New Member

    I'm a newbie here, but was directed to here from evolutionm. I'm in for a HID kit at 12000k. Hopefully a solution to the DRL will come shortly. I have an ES lancer, so switching the fog lights is not an option, because I don't have them.
  11. Sp4rt4n

    Sp4rt4n Well-Known Member

    if we can find a solution I am in for 15000k
  12. Malakei

    Malakei Well-Known Member


    Count me in hommie, havent got the car yet and alreayd buying mods. I LOVE IT!! :d
  13. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    Got you on the list! :D
  14. MontrealGTS

    MontrealGTS Well-Known Member

    Im in. I can figure out the problem as soon as i get my car..... 15th is the day.
  15. LancerGTS

    LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    all you gotta do is take the fuse out
  16. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    I think someone has tried that and it still didnt work!
  17. LancerGTS

    LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    i took my fuse out and no DRL's

    RALLIART Well-Known Member

    what fuse, can you be more specific. more descriptive? imagine yourself not knowing anything and you have to tell it as you would be doing it.

    EX: pop open the hood, locate fuse box etc etc.. which fuse etc..
  19. JayGTS88

    JayGTS88 Well-Known Member

    man.. u guys are lucky in cali the legal color is only up to 8k :(
  20. JayGTS88

    JayGTS88 Well-Known Member

    also can we get a hid kit for the fog lights? :lol: i want it to match the headlights :wink: