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    Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Front Engine Mount: Evolution X

    Torque Solution Mounts Increase horsepower by reducing frictional lost due to poor axle geometry. Axle geometry under acceleration is very critical when trying to apply horsepower. Poor axle geometry is caused when engine and suspension center lines are changed. By installing Torque Solution Billet engine mounts engine center line are kept within precision tolerances.

    Torque Solution Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing Support Bushings: Mitsubishi EVO 1-10

    Torque Solution Drive Shaft Center Support Bushings will replace the OEM Rubber mounts with billet aluminum pieces. Doing so will allow for reduced wheel hop, improved acceleration and better E.T's. The mounts keep the propeller shaft from moving under hard acceleration, stopping and turning giving you optimal performance 100% of the time out of your EVO.

    Torque Solution Shifter Cable Bushings: EVO X
    This popular item is designed to replace the soft rubber bushing found at the end point of your shifter cable assembly. This upgraded bushing greatly improves the feel of the shifter by eliminating that spongy feel you get when changing gears. Easy to install with simple hand tools. Highly recommended when using our Short Throw Shifter

    Torque Solution Engine Mount Inserts: Evolution X

    Torque Solution includes 2 urethane bushings and a sleeve for the PASSENGER side and 2 urethane bushings and a sleeve for the DRIVER side. Upgrading your stock rubber bushings to urethane bushings will help reduce engine movement and wheel hop. This means you receive better traction, which will improve your 60ft and 1/4 mile time. Affordable price, easy install, and most importantly you'll see and feel the advantages.