Discussion in 'Canada' started by Hydrolikz, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    How many of us are there on this forum? Holla Back!!! 8)
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    get a meet going and post pics please
  3. dangerdan

    dangerdan Well-Known Member

    I'm in the (GTA).
  4. mikeike8

    mikeike8 Well-Known Member

    used to live in mississauga about 3 years ago...
  5. dangerdan

    dangerdan Well-Known Member

    That's where I'm at.
  6. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    There is a Toronto Lancer Club meet comming up soon! I'll post more info once I get all the details.
  7. dangerdan

    dangerdan Well-Known Member

    Cool. My car isn't all done up like most of the cats on here, But if I can i'll definitely want to hit that meet up. Isn't it in the Scar across from a chapters? Luv told me about one there coming up soon.
  8. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    There is a Toronto Lancer Club meet this Thursday 7pm, I know it will be in the west end (Mississauga) More info comming soon
  9. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    Werd...and I can't seem to go to them anymore LOL... oh well.
  10. da-rookie

    da-rookie New Member

    ey wadup wadup hydro! lol

    its yo hommie rookie.

    nuttin just passn by searchn for info's within their forums. :D
  11. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    Oh for real, that's why you have lurker status! Lol.
  12. chizzy

    chizzy Member

    A little late posting, but I'm in Toronto!
  13. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

  14. RuthlessRides

    RuthlessRides Well-Known Member

    Where are these meets?
  15. RuthlessRides

    RuthlessRides Well-Known Member

    Do we have any regular clubs around?
  16. Hydrolikz

    Hydrolikz Well-Known Member

    Toronto Tuner Syndicate is the new club I represent! Click the link in my signature ti see the site, we cater to all makes/models. So far we have Evo's/Skylines/BMW's/NSX's etc... CHECK US OUT!!! :mrgreen:
  17. lancergurl

    lancergurl Member

    Hello, I'm new to the forums but am in Toronto and was just wondering if there are meets going on, I'd like to get involved.