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  1. ballmonk23

    ballmonk23 Well-Known Member

    i wanted to paint in side the taillight. but how do open the tail lights?
  2. ballmonk23

    ballmonk23 Well-Known Member

  3. Roofus

    Roofus Well-Known Member

    You have to heat it in your oven to melt the glue. Carefully pull it apart...paint, pit back together and bake it again
  4. ballmonk23

    ballmonk23 Well-Known Member

    i put it in at 300 for 5 min scared of damaging it ....... and it didnt work at all should i ve put it in for longer
  5. vik2rius

    vik2rius Well-Known Member

    hey bro,
    go to "knowledge base" and look around...i should have one up there...
  6. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Apparently the tail lights are a different plastic than the headlights and you shouldn't cook them. Never tried it but I've heard it's not a good idea.
  7. Frankiago

    Frankiago Active Member

    The tail lights are "plastic welded" together. They do not have a glue holding them together.

    Your only option is to cut with a dremel. Obviously around the outter lens, making sure you don't actually damage the lens itself. After you're in, paint away. When you're done, use the glue you thought you were baking off originally to seal them back up, then paint the outter edge on the outside of the lens to hide the dremel cuts underneath.
  8. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    ^^ +1

    What he said.
  9. enkrypter_DJ

    enkrypter_DJ Well-Known Member

    sounds like alot of trouble , dont sneeze while cutting u will mess them up
  10. Frankiago

    Frankiago Active Member

    Same applies to surgery, skinning potatoes, tinting windows, etc.

    It's really not hard at all.
  11. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Lmao sneezing while performing surgery? Ouch.

    Other examples: disarming a bomb, performing dentistry, sniping a man holding a hostage, when the doctor tells you to "turn your head and cough", etc.