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Discussion in '7G Lancer and older - Suspension' started by Grinder, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Grinder

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    Hey im new to these forums and to the lancer world and I had a quick question. Has anyone bagged their Lancer? Or does anyone know of a place where I would be able to find bags for a 03 OZ? Thanks in advance for your help! 8)
  2. Jogenmaru

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    "Bagged their lancer"? Im not to sure what you mean. Could you be a bit more specific. Sorry if its a noob question. But I'm not too familiar with the term.
  3. lancer2quick

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    He's talking about an air suspension setup. It removes the coil on all four corners and lets you adjust the ride height with compressed air.
    And I haven' t really looked for a setup, but im sure one of us here can find one for ya
  4. Grinder

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    yea sorry i meant air ride. ive been looking into it because i used to have air ride in my last car and I know ill be missing it very soon. So any help would be appreciated thanks guys!!
  5. 1slowlance

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    I don't think I've heard of anyone with a 2003 doing that yet. Only time I've ever really heard of "bagged" is on small trucks. I'll keep an eye out for ya.
  6. Grinder

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    yea i have been looking around to try and find something even maybe like someone that had a custom kit made. I had no luck but I have an idea and maybe just maybe ill be the first on these forums to post up a 03 bagged lancer :). Ill keep you all informed in case you may be interested in it as well.
  7. timschoeliertm

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  8. Grinder

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    cool thanks for the help. i think i have a general idea of how im going to do it i just need to check out the suspension in my car a little better to see exactly what i need. i was just curious if someone else had done this before.
  9. killerdragonoz

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    was going to do it for my ride, look in mini trucking mag. there is a kit for the car it will be in the adviertisment area in the first few pages.
  10. bras_33

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    most air ride systems are universal and custom, so several places that do that can conform to your car...I had one on my nissan truck and it was custom
  11. Ciphony

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  12. killerdragonoz

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    make sure u get a pancake air tank so u can put it were the spare tire is.