Steering Thunk

Discussion in '8G Lancer - Performance' started by JukEboX, Jul 8, 2014.

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    Ok this is hard to explain.

    Better just watch this video:!AE2QlwqZAdtA1To&ithint=video,.mp4

    My mechanic told me there is nothing wrong with the steering column it must be because the car is lowered. Can anyone tell me what I can install or do to get the thunk to stop? Steering is nice and tight how I like it though :)

    Car has hydraulic power steering and my mechanic tends to thing its a strut or strut mount.
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    Could be the bearings on the tophats of the struts. Its a plastic ring that sits between the tophat and the body. I had the same sound when I had my 04 RA..your 2009 and my 2011 have basically the same suspension as the 04-06 I'd check that