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Discussion in 'West Coast Owners Forum' started by bras_33, Aug 8, 2007.

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    No, the guys in that group are jerks really. If you look at their website in the new members/intro area at mine and Bras threads, there is this whole vibe that they dont want anyone new around. They are their own little click that really has nothing to do with Lancers at all. :roll:
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    There will be a 1st annual Lancer meet in Las Vegas of the weekend of Sept 21-23. It sponsored by ... opic&t=208

    not sure if you are talking about this one.

    Those guys are real d!cks, I met this one guy from there at MOD and he was actually cool.
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    FYI, to let you guys know I invited some 08 Lancer guys from the mitsu-forum. So the official place will be:

    September 29, 2007


    SONIC Drive-In
    ANAHEIM, CA 92801
    (714) 992-4500
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    You should invite those guys over to this forum as well :p

    I will be at your said meet. This will be my first time to Sonic in forever.

    Bras I think we should do a canyon run if we can, take pictures and post them on SCLC to show them how ugly their cars are compared to ours 8)
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    ^DEFinietly agree!!! I noticed that not all members have Lancers and they are admin and mod guys

    Last time I went to Sonic was in Texas on the to Ft Lauderdale for spring break '03

    I will create a new post for this meet.
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    1. bras_33
    2. kinkbmxrydr
    3. thepinoy
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    how bout speed zone in city of indistry off the 60 or ten ren tea house in life plaza then we all cruise turnbull canyon road?
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    or how bout the in and out in long beach town center off the 605