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Discussion in 'West Coast Owners Forum' started by bras_33, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Hello all the west coast owners,

    Of few of us were thinking of having a general get together. I am suggesting Saturday, September 29th or any other date would be good. We just need something more specific and concrete. I was thinking of meeting at an In-n-Out or Starbucks or other type of eatery were everyone get together. A bbq would be good for the next time but it takes alot of prep time for this. This is open to all the regional areas. This is a suggestion and an idea. Any input will be appreciated. If we decide this a good day for all, then we will make it that.

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    I guess having it so far in advance would give us a chance to find more people to come :lol: I am down to meet anytime, especially if its a rally, rallycross or autocross. It doesnt seem like anyone else is into that really, everyone is going for show.

    How about we meet up at Sonic in Anaheim? I havent been there in FOREVER. Do they still have the parking lot meet there for everyone to show off their rides? That was so long 5 years ago I would go there and there would be like 100 cars there like a freakin show.
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    Thats funny you mentioned Sonic, we used to meet at the one in Azusa when the whole tuner craze began.

    I would like to do the autocross/rally but I really do not feel comfortable with my suspension set-up. I have the ES, so...

    How was your first drive with the rally in your GTS?
  5. Subawho

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    Didnt you buy the RRM suspension parts? Or something else right? One thing I would like to see if we meet up is RRM parts in action. I want to see just how much the intake helps...I hope you have one :lol: If not, get one! I need some fucking proof as to whether its worth it. Im getting sick of all this "I feel it" crap with no one posting anything from a dyno or track.....

    The last rally went great, the car handles decent being stock. Im waiting for some good sway bars to come out as really, that is the only thing it really needs...and a rear strut bar.

    But dude, you can run these road rallies in anything. At the last one there was a 86 Nissan pickup truck that ran it. The thing looked like a beat up painters truck :lol:

    But yeah, for autocross and rallycross you definately want some suspension parts, its all you would really need.

    But yeah, let me know where you are all meeting on a saturday and Ill show. Hopefully by the time we meet Ill have found some parts to throw on my car as well.
  6. kinkbmxrydr

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    i have the RRM intake and RRM pulley if u wanna check it out. id say come to the meet that me and bras_33 usually goto on Monday
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    i like sonic, theres hardly any around me hahaha
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    I know I am from the "dirty south" in Texas, but I got to say one of these days once I have my Lancer, I am gonna drive to Calie and give the state a big test drive 8) .

  10. Subawho

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    This meet you guys go to...what kind of meet is it exactly? What kinda cars show up, how many people, how long does it last? Everyone is just there showing their cars?

    Yeah Kink, if I cant make one of those meetings maybe we could meet up on a weekend? Id just like to do some side by side testing with you to see how the parts are. :)
  11. kinkbmxrydr

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    their mostly all dsm cars. i see alot of ecplipse's and stuff. me and bras_33 will be probally the only ones with 08 Lancers. Yea if you wanna meet up on a weekend just let me know im always down.
  12. bras_33

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    Sub-its a dsm meet mostly 1g and 2g eclipses. We meet on Mondays at 9pm. Other cars show up but they go to the other side of the parking lot bcuz we take over one section of dsms' They rev there n/a honduhs thinking, my car has the biggest set than yours.

    Starbucks/Target Parking Lot
    10600 Firestone Blvd
    Norwalk, CA 90650

    Off the 605, cant miss it. Roll through, I'd like to pick your brain on some items and get your opinions on others also.
  13. Subawho

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    I know where you guys are talking about. When I worked for Enterprise Rent a Car Id always have to grab extra cars from the one on that corner for my office in Cerritos.

    The thing is during the week thats a bit of a drive for me. Id pretty much get there and would have to leave after an hour. If you guys want to do something on the weekend though just let me know. My next two saturdays are booked with working rallies, but after that I am free.

    Bras, there isnt much to pick with my brain :lol: I just hate all of this "I feel it" bullshit. I cant wait to compare my car with both of yours so I can finally say "I told you so" or write an apology to RRM :lol:
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    ^ you know the saying "...the more you know"

    I guess its cool tha RRM is the first to produce parts for the 08. I am someone who doesnt follow the crowd. Sure there is a big difference in stock vs aftermarket, like you said "I feel it" but I would like things in writing.

    As for meeting up, saturdays are good after 3ish and dont mind meeting on sundays, early. Let me know.

    What about you, Henry? What weekend days are good for you?

    So far it is just us 3 :( . We need more!!!
  15. Subawho

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    From my own experience I've found that having a group with a wide range of actual cars makes for better custom modding and general knowledge. I am seeing more of our car out on the road, but the people driving them do not look like they are planning to play with the car.

    I think if the three of us get our cars looking very respectable we can show up at any meet and be welcomed :)
  16. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    A lot of people think mines is the new X. I say no and they insist it is, they look at my shiny radiator and think its a front mount!?!?

    Respectable is good and stay away from the rice! lol
  17. Subawho

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    Yeah Ive noticed a lot of Mitsu people on the road looking at my car, but I think once they realize its just a Lancer they dont care anymore :lol:
  18. kinkbmxrydr

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    yea just let me know which saturday or something, i usually work saturday but i can take it off. someone told me there was a socal lancer meet or something. im sure if we all roll through their all gonna buy a 08 lancer lol

    yea i feel you about people thinking its a evo but once they see its a lancer they dont care hahaha. i should take the lancer emblem off.
  19. Subawho

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    Kink, the meet you heard about, are you talkin about So Cal Lancer Club? Have you had any luck with them? They seemed pretty standoffish to me...
  20. kinkbmxrydr

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    yea its probally that one. ive never went personally. have you?