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    Hi im Res, and this is my Australian CE lancer coupe Alice

    specs list so far~

    suspension and braking
    BC BR "golds" coilovers
    Super-pro Anti lift kit
    Tron rear boot-floor brace
    23mm Evo4 front swaybar
    22mm FTO 3pt adjustable rear swaybar
    EVO 276mm front discs
    EVO big twin-pot front calipers
    EVO 260mm rear discs
    EVO rear calipers
    Enkei VRX rims 15x6+40
    Achillies 123 semislick front tyres
    kumho ku31 rear tyres

    Engine performance:
    5spd manual
    lightweight crank underdrive pully
    Cold air induction
    UK evo 4-9 short shift
    4g92 short gearset
    4g94 intake manifold

    mkii projector headlight retrofit
    Evo 8 leather shift knob
    Nardi VR4 steering wheel
    Evo4 genuine bucket seat recaros
    Wink mirror
    battery to boot relocation

    AUDIO: (currently no head unit lol)

    6" front speakers
    6x9" rear speakers



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  2. 1slowlance

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    Holy crap. Clean as hell.
  3. JDMhammer

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    oooooooooooooooh me like! I havent seen someone post a CE coupe in a long time!
  4. Res

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    its unfortunately got a bit messy in the past year with the engine swap but its all coming back to the clean stage now, putting car time into cleaning up stuff and making it neat again.

    progress since last time
    1) finally after a year of the front swaybar not being mounted properly i finally got around to getting a mate to help with welding brackets to the front LCA's so now i have a evo4 front swaybar that actually works, going from a 18mm bar to a 23mm bar in these little things is well overkill but makes for amazing flatness
    2)re-connected heater lines and core, its been winter for a while and the heater hasnt been connected since the engine swap so it was about time to do it
    3) sold of my double din head unit to motivate me to get a single din HU, it may seem like im making the car look messy but there is method in my madness, will all make sense in the end i hope
    4) new MOMO sports frame steering wheel, cos i was really getting over the hand position of the old nardi VR4 and how large a wheel it was, the MOMO is a much needed improvment and matches the interior black/red scheme

    and some snapps i took as i just moved state im trying to find nice photo locations again

    and a little slow side project i have been working on, foglight intake port, as my intake pipe already goes down there and i want it to have a spot for it to funnel air in a bit (final look will not be CF, its just i didnt have any FG around and had heaps of CF scrap to use up)
  5. 1slowlance

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    So, who else wants to move to another country with me?