ralliart rear brake calipers

Discussion in 'Ralliart - Performance' started by esco, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. esco

    esco Member

    I got an 04 lancer ralliart. need 2 rear calipers. they are the hardest parts to find ever!!!!!!!!!!! :x new or used dont matter. anybody know where i can find some????????????
  2. 4B12LancerGTS

    4B12LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    Call Mitsubishi Directly and have your Vehicles ID Number Ready and have them order it for you! :D
  3. sirelancer

    sirelancer Well-Known Member

    I didnt know your price range or anything but here you go, try checking these out

    also didn't know what color your calipers are, but if their silver they allow you to get that color if they are

  4. lancer2quick

    lancer2quick Well-Known Member

    i don't know of anywhere online to buy them, but i do know a guy that owns a junkyard. he has an 04 es and a ralliart there that i have gotten parts off of..i can see if the R/A still has the rears. i'll let you know soon as i find out
  5. AeJarrotto

    AeJarrotto Well-Known Member

  6. esco

    esco Member

    thanx but i will probly just rebuild em cuz i found some but they are 600 bucks a piece.
  7. 04sportback

    04sportback Member

    hey listen i have a 2004 lancer ralliart wagon, which has the same brakes, and i got my rotors off of Amazon.com, cross drilled and slotted, centric brand, which is a good brand, for pretty darn cheap if recall corectly,
  8. 04sportback

    04sportback Member

    i also found tein springs on grippmotorsports.com for just over $200. just saying, stuff is out there if you look hard enough...
    google is my best freind to find sites
  9. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    Dude this thread is 3 years old. I have to remember to go and lock up all old threads. Also, you are talking about brake pads and rotors. He is talking about the part that hold the brake pads.....
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