Progress Report Rules

Discussion in 'Members Progress Reports' started by Prophet, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    Sorry should have posted this along time ago...

    1. One Progress Report thread per car.

    *Rules Subject to Change*
  2. TheDude

    TheDude Well-Known Member

    Per car or per person?

    Seems liek a stupid question to most people, but you know my perdicament :)
  3. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    Per car... when this forum gets older and the new Lancer gets older I suspect you will find users who love the Lancer so much they may buy another one... or like in your case if you wanted to start another Progress Report but with your new car go ahead. I just don't want to Progress Report cluttered with five different mod threads for the same car. Progress report is really the whole history of the car from start to finish all in one thread...
  4. vik2rius

    vik2rius Well-Known Member

    sounds about right