Product Review: Simoniz Self Drying Car Wash

Discussion in 'Automotive Care' started by lancer2quick, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. lancer2quick

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    Stopped in at the good 'ol chain parts store to pick up a few things the other day, and saw this stuff. Decided to give it a shot instead of my regular wash. It runs about 5 bucks for a gallon (versus 9 for my reg.)....and it seems to be a good candidate for my regular.

    This claims to be self drying, no water spots, UV protection, great shine, lowers blood pressure, and prevents drunk dialing. I started off on my wife's Kia. Now, I take care of the Kia, just not as well as I do the Ralliart. I'll wax it every 3 months or so, wash it every other week...etc. Last time I washed it, the water didn't really bead it could use a coat of wax.

    First thing I notice is the abundance of scrubbing bubbles this stuff makes...awesome...I like bubbles. While I'm washing, it seems to be doing a pretty good job of taking off the tougher stuff like mud, bugs, tree sap. As for the hard-to-get stuff like gum, road tar, moose, old ladies, and other crap she manages to kill...takes a bit of work.

    While I'm washing, I notice that the suds in my bucket seem to be fading quicker than donuts at a police convention...not cool. But soon as I hit the bucket with the hose...they pop right back. After all the washing and rinsing is done, I start watching the water shed itself...pretty cool. Now, its not the super fast beading that wax gives you, but it seems to work pretty well. after all was said-and-done, I only hit it with the towel on the windows and the trunk lid...with the rest of the car shedding water. Suprisingly, the Kia actually looked like it had a bit of wax on it after I was done. NIce shine, smooth finish, fairly cheap. I say go for it...and if you don't like it...its 5 bucks...

  2. Jogenmaru

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    I always saw this stuff and was always cautious of it since it had the lambo on the front. I always thought....A person with a lambo would never use this cheap stuff so why the hell would I. I like my car.
  3. lancer2quick

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    ha...i would use it on my lambo. but that's because if I ever had one, it would be the most beat-down, faded, redneck, most terrible lambo ever, since I only have about 2k to my