Please buy this, someone

Discussion in 'Way Out There...' started by 1slowlance, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Haha. I truly lol'd at this

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    No shit you actually found the craigslist post?
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    I sent an email expressing interest in purchasing the vehicle. I explained that I am a Prince from Malaysia but I am located in NY on a top secret mission to find out what the US military is up to and what their intentions are. With that I said "I am in dire need of a vehicle that will not draw a lot of attention to myself while still allowing to me to enjoy the comforts like A/C however since it is low on freon I will have to ask that he reduces the price and ships me the vehicle. I also said that I would take it off his hands if he sent me $2,500 a security deposit to ensure that it is indeed in good condition."
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