Plasti-dipping techniques

Discussion in 'Automotive Care' started by Helix, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Helix

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    Hey guys, I'm looking for a little feedback here. I'm a noob so bear with me.

    I'm gonna run out tomorrow and grab some flat black Plasti Dip to black out my front bumper. Reading the description for the Plasti Dip, it says primer is required before use, but a friend of mine who has experience with it says that it's not necessary.

    Does anyone who has used it before know if it IS or ISN'T required?

    Before I go out, I wanna make sure I grab everything I'll need to get the job done. So far I've got the Plasti Dip (probably two or three cans), painters tape to cover areas I don't want plasti-dipped, and IF NEEDED some primer.

    Am I missing anything guys?
  2. lancer2quick

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    Primer defeats the purpose of using plasti-dip on the bumper, wheels, etc. The reason a lot of people use it is because if it gets chipped, theres no prep to do...just respray. If you eventually get tired of it, it just peels off. If you use a primer, you first have to scuff up the paint to get a good surface that the primer will adhere to...thus preventing the "undo" concept of plasti. I would say no to the primer.
  3. Helix

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    See, that makes sense. That's what I figured when I heard about Plasti Dip, but the stupid description on Home Depot's website or whatever says that primer is required lol.

    Thanks dude.