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    Hey guys,
    My friend and I are starting a online directory of all the best performance shops around the country. Feel free to let me know shops you go to and trust, please give names of shops, emails websites any of that stuff will be greatly appreciated. Thank yall in advance, Anthony
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    lancer2quick Well-Known Member least since I closed mine. There are a couple about an hour away from me in the Birmingham area...I'll get you their info soon.
  3. Redline1

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    thank you very much
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    What's up, I run Auto Velocity,, We do everything from engine builds, trans builds, ecu work, tuning, custom fabrication, etc. Highly experienced in Mitsubishi's, routed in the 3000GT/Stealth platform.
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    Tune Mitsubishi 4g69 6g75 4g63t and others.
    Audi BMW Merc Porsche Ford Volvo Bentley Saab.

    We are located in the Ottawa Ontario Canada area. Most of our customers mail in the ecu for tuning. Any questions

    We were the first company to reflash the the Lancer and Eclipse 4g69 and 6g75. My personal car is a 2005 Lancer Ralliart that has been turbo and now have the RIPP Supercharger kit tuned through the ecu reflash. Turbo kits are being designed for the 2004-2006 and 2008+lancers again all with the ecu reflash.
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    Now this is good to know. Do you guys do email flash or would we have to mail our ecu to you? Im only inquiring because one of our members drives a ralliart and had inspirations to turbo it but there is no option for them to flash them since there is no driver for ecu flash or anything to that matter. And I personally think you guys are the only ones to flash the ralliart ecu.

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    Get him to drop me an email we can only do mail in flashes for now. The software is in the works and has been for sometime, only a matter of time.