Patch avaliable for MMCS DVD Motion Override UPDATE UPDATE

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  1. Belgaram

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    Ahh hah... Is yours the DVD or just Nav? Your screen isn't flip out either. I wonder if this is new for 11?
  2. The Beav

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    i kinda like his too :( lol
  3. bakwoods

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    No trades lol. And nope mine's a 2008 not 2011 lol. Though I took it to a dealer and they said they've never seen that set up before. Claimed it was custom. It's DVD, Navi, Radio, TV tuner, Bluetooth, Reverse Camera input, and a few other things. Though it's got Mitsubishi maps on it so I'm assuming it's a unit made by Mitsubishi. I asked if it was the technology package, however they told me it's not. The sales guys said it's not a tech package they've ever come across. Maybe I got the weird one ?
  4. The Beav

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    Not sure y we would need a backup cam ... just turn around lol

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    to make sure you dont hit those low lying yellow stop poles. I hate those things. They should be taller. If I reverse into a parking spot i look to see how far I am from the beginning of the line. I normally park right at it or a little ways behind it.
  6. bakwoods

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    Exactly! It's just an accident waiting to happen.

    Now then...I finally ID'd my set up. Apparently I've got an Asian set up. Like either Malaysia, or Japan. But either way looks like it was already discussed here:


    Strange how I lucked out with this. However I don't have access to a version or patch for the software now so I'm between a rock and hard place in terms of over riding the DVD watching madgigger. The nice thing is that the steering wheel controls work perfect and so does the Navi. However my only issue with it is just getting that reverse camera wired into place and over riding the DVD. Maybe it's tied to the e-brake. Perhaps I can use a relay for that? I've seen some write ups on Youtube that are pretty decent with the Pioneer AVH-3100 (I still have one) which used a relay to bypass the safety feature. We'll see.

    This car just gets cooler and cooler :)
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    sorry for asking a very silly question but can someone help me on how to check the version for a 2011 CJ lancer aspire ??

    i dont have the set+navi buttons.. i have map, menu, audio etc.
  8. jitesh_88

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    i have also attached an image if that helps

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