P0107 + P0171 error codes

Discussion in 'DIY' started by fapers, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Few days ago CEL on my 2008 lancer GTS (FED) lighted up. The error codes are P0107 (bank 1) and P0171.

    About 10 days before that I removed K&N Typhoon SRI and installed back the original intake (only with K&N drop in folter inside). At the same time I uploded default RRM Piggyback fuel MAP for my car. Everything was fine for these 10 days and than during fast accelerating CEL showed up.

    Does anyone has any ideas what could it be? Is it MAF, MAP or O2 sensor?

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    P0171 is a sensor #3 acting up. It means it's getting too close of a reading compared to the other O2 sensors. Default fuel map caused those for you. Try to revert back and see what happens. If not then try to tweak it. Won't do any harm to the car, to have those codes, but it's annoying because I think the car goes into a limp mode where the fuel mileage plateaus.