New wicked white

Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by mb978n, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. mb978n

    mb978n Well-Known Member

  2. kinkbmxrydr

    kinkbmxrydr Guest

    dang ur car looks nice
  3. Budrow

    Budrow Well-Known Member

    What kinda of black did you use? I wanna get rid of the chrome on my 02 but she is black to begin with dont want it to look like shit
  4. 59vampire

    59vampire Member

    wow thats really nice the way you did that
  5. slipshft

    slipshft Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the site. Nice pics and mods!
  6. mb978n

    mb978n Well-Known Member

    I used Duplicolor Bumper Coat (flat black) it was like 5 bucks a can at the auotparts store
  7. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Just finished putting the coat of primer on my grill [​IMG]

    Those stupid clips holding the thing in are damn near impossible to get through that little hole that is cut for them. I just broke those things OFF, but before I tested the screws and they hold it just fine.
  8. mb978n

    mb978n Well-Known Member

    i ended up just breaking one by mistake then i took my time with the others and was able to remove them quite easily with a flat head screw driver
  9. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    I did it [​IMG]



    3 coats of flat black and don't mind the dirty car! :)
  10. kennyjai

    kennyjai Well-Known Member

    has anyone tried painting the grill the same color as the chrome part? feels like the rest of the grill isnt the same color just a thought
  11. mb978n

    mb978n Well-Known Member

    lookin good doooood
  12. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Next phase = vinyl

    I drove around EVERYWHERE today looking for black vinyl because I was going to give it a try myself, but no luck. Hopefully soon though.