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    i'm getting new tires soon on my 2011 Lancer ES to replace my stock ones. i want to get a wider/bigger set so i can put rims on them. can anyone help me by giving me a good size for the wheels and what's a good company. i'm totally lost. thank you in advance!
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    +1. Konigs are well made and they also come in a lot of good styles. and helped me pick out the wheels I like, check them out for some different types of choices.

    Right now, I'm running an 18X8 wheel with the stock size tires (215/54/18) on them and there's not too much stretch, but it's as wide as the tire allows. I would probably suggest if going with a wider wheel to go with a 225/40/ stock height there won't be any need for rolling the fenders with that size. Hope this helps!

    BTW...if you're running the 16" wheels stock I can't be of much help there, but you should be able to upgrade to an 18 no problems!
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    thanks for the help! i'm finding a lot of 215/45/18 though. is that too big of a difference between the 225/40/18 or it would be fine to get those?

    and should i buy the tires and wheels separate or as a tire-wheel package?
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    Go wide! 245, bro!
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    This should help you out