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Discussion in 'Ride Of The Month (ROTM)' started by 1slowlance, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. slickdevil08

    slickdevil08 Well-Known Member

    ya! im diverse ....wait o_O lol
  2. Helix

    Helix Wants Recaros

    I think if the ROTM/ROTY are going to represent a Lancer dedicated forum, then it should be a Lancer. But I'm definitely not opposed to having some sort of honorable mention per month or per year for other great cars.

    That's just my two cents.
  3. slickdevil08

    slickdevil08 Well-Known Member

    i like the one month of the year for diverse vehicles better but i think thats kinda cool what you said there helix
  4. Fuz1On

    Fuz1On Well-Known Member

    DID NOONE THINK THAT RTIAL WAS FUNNY??? GEEZ, I laughed my ass off! :D
  5. slickdevil08

    slickdevil08 Well-Known Member

    i found this to be quite funny as well ^_^
  6. Lancer7

    Lancer7 Member

    Umm abit off subject here, but what does one have to do to enter ROTM?
  7. 1slowlance

    1slowlance Well-Known Member

    Nothing really. Lol. You just have to be nominated to run, and also have a progress report thread. Showing pictures and updates that you do to your car. You can nominate yourself or being nominated by another member. If you have any other questions, just let us know.
  8. SoulEater13

    SoulEater13 Well-Known Member

    i say do the non-lancers yearly if there isn't enough to do monthly. when more join do quarterly then monthly. i dont mind diversity at all, but ROTM/ROTY should only be Lancers. NLROTM/NLROTY (nonlancer ride of the month/year) or how ever most fitting.
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