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Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by moon, May 2, 2008.

  1. dcobeo7931

    dcobeo7931 Well-Known Member

    yea i was thinking ultraleggerra in black or advan rs???? what do you think?
  2. moon

    moon Active Member

    i like the ultraleggers personally, but not on a lancer. just doesnt seem to match to me for a lancers looks. The RS's look good practically on anything, such a classic wheel. Dont want to break any forum rules here, but check out the store i help run here locally.

    pretty much can set u up with anything. or when ur back in the states feel free to give us a call, just ask for jayr. :)

    (please feel free to edit if i'm breaking any forum rules mentioning the store, dont want to step on the other dealers toes here)
  3. dcobeo7931

    dcobeo7931 Well-Known Member

    when i get back we can see about getting this photo op together and we can talk shop seriously leaning towards the advans mostly because i have not seen ANY lancers other than evos with them and i only seen a couple with rz wheels....which to me look almost exactly the same//
  4. moon

    moon Active Member

    nonsense!!! even stock lancers make me smile, i just love the damn car a lot for some reason. i even notice older Cedia bodys liking them more and more (well the ones done properly) hahaha i always say whats up to any lancer body style, even though they usually look at me funny back :D
  5. dcobeo7931

    dcobeo7931 Well-Known Member

    he he yea my boy that has the sand lancer also has a green mirage lowered with an evo looking know the ones withthe big ole fogs lol
  6. TheDude

    TheDude Well-Known Member

    I jsut noticed this car and man i didnt think that the Japanparts's fangs looked so damn good! Good stuff man. MAybe one day if i drive up there one day we can meet up. Good stuff
  7. illdietrying

    illdietrying Well-Known Member

    welcome to LT
  8. papi2dmamis

    papi2dmamis Well-Known Member

    That's one of the reasons I bought my Lancer 5 spd, my wife don't know how to drive manual!! :lol:
  9. dcobeo7931

    dcobeo7931 Well-Known Member wife knows how to drive Manual. :D
  10. mitsubabieexP

    mitsubabieexP Well-Known Member

    i love driving manual unfortunately i didnt get the GTS in manual cause they only had the ww in auto when i went there and id dint feel like waiting.. soo!

    hahaha! manual ftw though<3
    i learned how to drive manual on sti and m3 lol =X