new here.. hi?

Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by moon, May 2, 2008.

  1. moon

    moon Active Member

    been on the site for awhile browsing here and there, figured i would finally introduce myself. My car is a 2008 GTS, the only modifications are the ROAR jpn front lip spoiler and rear add ons, 10k HID conversion lowbeams and foglights, Ralliart drop in filter, factory navigation conversion and RRM v2 springs, which i really dont like and soon to be replaced with a coilover damper setup once my wheels arrive... well nice to meet everyone.

  2. nanonyc

    nanonyc Well-Known Member

    hey man... welcom to LT nice ride... luv the blue... question... where did you get the lip from... ??/ if you dont mind me asking...
  3. BigSteve

    BigSteve Well-Known Member

    i like that front end.
  4. kennyjai

    kennyjai Well-Known Member

    welcome!! where u from btw?? digging the roar front end =P
  5. moon

    moon Active Member

  6. nanonyc

    nanonyc Well-Known Member

    nice... !!!! i cant believe that after nearly a year there arent that many options when it comes to bodykits... and lips, etc... but it will come... soon... I hope...
  7. faracinman2

    faracinman2 Well-Known Member

    nice ride, i'm diggin the front end
  8. thetaxguy

    thetaxguy Well-Known Member

    Welcome and nice car. 8)
  9. Nemo420

    Nemo420 Well-Known Member

    welcome to the site -

    where did you get your Ralli Art drop in ??
  10. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to LT

    Off topic (like most So Cal guys do)
    LMAO, I think its more .05...the extra deduction is for living in So Cal
  11. moon

    moon Active Member

    i got it from UP Garage in japan.

    ZEROCOOL Well-Known Member

    Welcome to PL..Im so getting that front lip and rear dam. Looks so good man. In time. In time.
  13. Texas Aggie

    Texas Aggie Well-Known Member

    PL??? WTF...
  14. pimpinfern

    pimpinfern Well-Known Member

    lol thats what happens when u go back and forth from the two forums too much

    hey moon where in florida u at, we have people spread all over so maybe we can meet if u live near us
  15. JDM FLOW

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    Nice ride. What rims you getting?
  16. JDMFanatik

    JDMFanatik Well-Known Member

    lookin real good there! that's exactly the way im trying to shoot for for my car, cept mine is rally red. been wanting to order that roar lip since forever, but price is just way too high for now. i understand its straight from japan, but not for now. ha.
  17. Slickghost

    Slickghost Well-Known Member

    Sweet ride +1 on the lip!!
  18. moon

    moon Active Member

    located in gainesville / jacksonville area's

    i have some SSR LM9's on order, but in the mean time i have a set of Enkei RPF1's coming in the mean time. on that note...anyone have problems using aftermarket TPMS's? or are most ppl pulling and re-using the factory oem ones?
  19. lancered

    lancered Well-Known Member

    nic,how did you install the rear pieces?
  20. moon

    moon Active Member

    there's 2 bolts on the inner fender well, 4 bolts underneath the rear add on that attaches to the oem rear bumper, and the whole border is lined with double side emblem tape.