New help ASAP please

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  1. lancermike

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    Need help ASAP please

    Ok so went to ihop ate come out and go to start the car well car doesn't start but what does happen is a clicking not the normal engine clicking everyone knows about but it keeps clicking even after I pull the key it stays clicking till I disconnect the battery and when I plug the battery back in it clicks need to figure this out ASAP I'm think battery starter or alternator issue but was wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue an can help
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  2. Jogenmaru

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    What year lancer are you driving?

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  3. 03 ES GUY

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    #1 ^^ what he said.

    #2 its obviously an electrical issue.

    #3 have you had your charging system/starter checked?

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  4. lancer2quick

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    ^^All the

    Have you located the source of the click? I.E.-Which side of the car, any specific point in the engine bay its loudest?

    I'm Leaning towards a starter solonoid gone bad or the starter relay acting up.