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    RALLIART Well-Known Member

    nice.....more girls...keep them coming, you have any GIRL friends that drive lancers? if so tell them about us here.

    LOL at flow, wow texting and saving numbers already....thats cool i would have done the same if i lived near her....

    well other than that have fun and enjoy the site....

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    LOL thanks Jake.

  3. eKtor

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    Welcome to Lancer Tuners

    ZEROCOOL Well-Known Member

    Welcome. Nice ride..Looks real good.
  5. gatzaraki

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    Welcome to LT
  7. Guest

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    welcome to the site
  8. slipshft

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    Welcome to the site! Nice looking ride. How do you like the autoX? Have you tried rallyX yet?
  9. BoostIt28

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  11. Nemo420

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    are you smoking a blunt in that pic??
  12. kinkbmxrydr

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    haha thats hot

    mad props! only girl whos posted up a pic of herself and not just the car
  13. gwappix23

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  14. pimpinfern

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    so where about in south florida you at?
  15. WillieetheOne

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    welcome you enjoy everything the site has to offer. Again welcome.
  16. Inferno

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    AHHH another person not from AZ. Welcome!!! :p
  17. Mitsu008

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    Welcome.. Always nice 2 see more chicks lol
  18. playa213xx

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    hahahahahhaha i think thats a cigarette believe it or not.....their called djarium or somethin....they have cloves in them and it makes your tongue go numb....their kinda cool actually(not promoting people to start smoking)
  19. Krylon

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    haha yeh guys its just a ciggerette..

    And I'm in Naples
  20. SeRious08

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    Welcome. We are a family and if there is anything that you need, don't be afraid to ask.