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Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by Krylon, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Krylon

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    Hey guys. Wanted to introduce myself to everyone. Bear with me, I'll try not to lull you all to sleep :p

    Name's Phoenix and I'm in South Florida. I'm 19 and I've been driving an 03 Oz Rally Lancer since March 07. I'm starting to mod it and I'm starting to get into autocrossing. I'm still pretty new to this scene, but I'm learning.


    and one of me for ya.


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  2. Evolve

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    Welcome 8)
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    More girls coming in. Nice ^_^
  6. Redline1

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    nice to have you
  7. spiderman671

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    Welcome to the Lancer Tuners Community!
  8. elfy

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    welcome and enjoy.
  9. GTS-SB

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    welcome, what mods have you done to your car?
  10. Nemo420

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    -welcome to the site
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    welcome :wave:
  13. playa213xx

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    sweet ride...can we see some more pics?? of both you and the car! :D :D
  14. Krylon

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    wow what a welcoming! you all always this nice or am i special? (don't answer that, i like being special. :lol: )

    So far I've lowered the car, and painted parts
    Black: door handles, spoiler, & lip
    White: interior door handles, part around window controls, and gauge surrounding piece.

    Next plans are exhaught, intake, and tint so i don't look like a fishbowl on wheels.

    and heres one more picture to make you boys happy. :twisted: ... ero002.jpg
    (went out to the goth club that night)
  15. JDM FLOW

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    The LT members are real nice and are helpful, so if you need anything, then just ask us and well respond the best way we can.

    Your gothic or just went to a goth club?

    And I texted you.
  16. Krylon

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    moreso industrial than goth.. but yeh i got your text. saved the number.. I'm in Naples.
  17. BigSteve

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    welcome, nice ride
  18. DaytonaLancer

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    ah yes, dont we all work for food, lol. Cuz food is so damn good! But anyway, welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to!!!!
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    Welcome To LT