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  1. ssp-turbolancer

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    My name is Carlos. Im an alcoholic.

    Im the founder and president of Team SSP. We are either hated or loved. I hope it is loved with you ladies b/c im a lover not a fighter. We are known for being 1 of 6 car clubs featured on Juiced 2 HIN the video game. some sites for us or
    We have a forum on our site as well with a listing of different car shows that we attend. Look forward to seeing you on their.

    Im also co owner of 2 photography companies.
    LPStudios and Speed Hotties.

    A lil about LPStudios well this is my company that we do event coverage with, shoot non nude models, and shoot cars with. We have done some shoots that have been featured on Honda Tuning. We also have shoot for Car and Model and Import Icons. Done a few weddings as well. Links for this: - - http://www.modelmayhem/LPStudios

    Now for Speed Hotties this is not for everyone but it is essentially Playboy meeting rides. Our concept is full nude and hot rides. Some sites for this (if you want to check it out) -

    Now for my car. It is a 2002 mitsubishi lancer turbo
    mod list:

    Kaminari Full Body Kit

    C-Wings Carbon Hood

    Black Mesh Grill

    Exhaust Heat Shield

    Road Race Eyebrows

    Carbon Fiber EVO Style Grill

    Evo VII Wing


    Katzkin Leather Interior

    Custom Painted Dash Pieces (5 pieces)

    Autometer Triple Gauge Pod

    Autometer Phantom Boost/Vacuum Gauge

    Autometer Phantom Oil Pressure Gauge

    Autometer Phantom Fuel Pressure Gauge

    Apex'I Turbo Timer

    Apex'I Super AFC-II

    Carbon Fiber Shift Knob

    Glowshift Interior Neon Kit Yellow


    Sony Head Unit CDXM3DI (full color screen)

    Polk Audio DB6500 6 1/2 Component System

    Drive Series 400 watt amp

    Drive Series 200 watt amp

    Optima Battery

    JL W3 V2 12" Sub


    Freedom Design Front Upper Strut Bar

    Freedom Design Rear Upper Strut Bar

    Tein Basic Damper Coil-over

    Wheels & Brakes:

    17 Rota Slipstream Black

    Rotora Slotted Rotors

    Rotora Braided Brake Lines

    Axxis Ultimate Brake Pads


    Greddy Evo Cat-Back Exhaust

    Garrett T25 Turbo

    Turbo Specialties Front Mount Intercooler

    Turbo Specialties Blow Off Valve

    Turbo Specialties Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Turbo Specialties Turbo Manifold

    Weapon R Oil Catch Can

    Walboro 255lph Fuel Pump

    Ralliart Oil Cap

    Ralliart Radiator Cap

    Deyeme Racing Radiator Brackets

    Carbon Fiber Bumper Dress Kit

    Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover

    Bosch Style 440cc Injectors




    more pics:
  2. Redline1

    Redline1 Well-Known Member

    very nice i like
  3. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    impressive car and resume, hope we can answer any questions you have and likewise you can help us out with your mad hookups :wink:
  4. ssp-turbolancer

    ssp-turbolancer Well-Known Member

    thanks guys!!

    I can try to hook you up to the best of my availabilities. :thumbright:
  5. dynasty3695

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    that is a beautiful car, any shots of the inside, just interested to check that out myself
  6. ssp-turbolancer

    ssp-turbolancer Well-Known Member

    this is all i have now. im about to redo the whole car including the interior:


  7. Silver09GTS

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    Very sweet man, keep us posted :)
  8. dynasty3695

    dynasty3695 Well-Known Member

    very nice
    thanks :D
  9. ssp-turbolancer

    ssp-turbolancer Well-Known Member

    thanks....i have the valve cover, strut bar and radiator brackets being powder coated. will post pics when im done installing them
  10. The Beav

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    Welcome to LT bud!
  11. papi2dmamis

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    Welcome to LT! :drunken: :drunken:
  12. eKtor

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    Welcome to LT!

    I am located in Kissimmee FL... I am associated with other forums and we do weekly meets etc... hope to see you around soon...

    Are you boricua as well? :D
  13. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    Welcome to!!! :)
  14. JDM FLOW

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    Welcome and you have some nice projects...
  15. ssp-turbolancer

    ssp-turbolancer Well-Known Member

    thanks guys. yes im boricua - my family lives in san juan (carolina / isle verde area)

    once the car is back and running it is probably going to be in the body shop and then the audio shop. so im trying to hit as many shows as possible.
    will be at spring break nationals (daytona) and jdm ups (tampa / ruskin) for march and then HIN in tampa for april
  16. GiveMeEvo

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    nice car and welcome
  17. illdietrying

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    welcome to LT
  18. ssp-turbolancer

    ssp-turbolancer Well-Known Member

    thanks guys
  19. Mitsuman+03

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    I am new to the site also. I am from Palm Bay FL... the other side of the state but its nice to see others from the same state on here.
    Nice work with the car.. It looks great.
  20. Saiko44

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    Hey Ektor.....where you guys do the weekly meets and when?....another Boricua