New exhaust coming soon....opinions?

Discussion in 'Ralliart - Performance' started by lancer2quick, Jan 28, 2012.

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    I know most of you have seen my WTB post that has an OEM Evo muffler. I think its time to "tone down" the Lancer a little.....With the family and neighbors, It could use a little drop in noise and exhaust drone. I have been searching and doing some research on what setup I want to go with to lower then noise....without sacrificing too much power. I originally came up with my current setup, minus the AlphaWerks canister and adding an Evo muffler. Since people seem to think that all Evo parts are made of gold, I was forced to look for other options.

    After hours and hours of browsing, soundclips, videos, and exhaust building science.....I came up with this.


    Here's what Dynomax says about it:

    DynoMax® Performance Exhaust - a leading innovator in performance exhaust technologies - introduced the DynoMax VT™ muffler, a revolutionary, high-flow straight-through stainless steel performance muffler that controls irritating drone while ensuring maximum performance.

    DynoMax Valve Technology Mufflers feature an exclusive, precisely calibrated internal valve that redirects exhaust flow, during cruising conditions, to provide Drone-Free Performance™. Hammer the gas and the valve automatically adjusts for maximum exhaust flow, delivering on-demand performance and a deep, throaty drone-free sound.

    So, reading up on it a little, I went looking for some sound clips. Now, I know not every exhaust is exactly the same (headers, cats, piping, etc) so I was just looking for a general sound. I found a few clips with decent quality, that showed the muffler in action.....And the Evo with the AMS turbo-back exhaust is what just about sold me on it...




    So, what do you guys think? I think that this is the way I'm going to go with the new exhaust....and if I end up not liking it, I can always change it up. Exhaust is like a hairstyle...easily changed if you don't dig it...
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    It seems like it's basically a stock muffler, just high performance. Which is what I always wanted to look for. That's the reason I painted my exhaust flat black, to try and give it a stealthier look. I like it. Quiet when it needs to be, and loud when you want it to be. Sounds like ass on that new Lancer though.
  3. lancer2quick

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    Yeah...not a big fan of it on the new Lancer. I just put that up for comparison reasons. My exhaust has always had a different sound than any other RA that I have seen/heard. Mine has that deep growl...almost Evo growl with no rasp.
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    Did you get in installed yet??? I'd love to hear it on a 04-06 RA...
  5. lancer2quick

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    Not yet. Its the first of the month...bills kill me. I'm hoping within the next couple weeks....and yes, I Will be posting a video as soon as its on and I've driven it a little.