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Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by Rachel0517, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Conduct

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    annyyyways haha, Welcome to the forums :D
  2. Rachel0517

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    I can't even deal with salesmen...when i went to buy my Lancer, i wanted a 5 speed. So, i walked over to the one that i liked and was checkin it out and what not and the sales guy says "oh u dont' want that one, you can't drive it" and i was like why not? he goes its a stick shift! i was like WTF, are u kidding me? So when he finally agreed to pull the car out of the spot so i could test drive it...first he stalled then he rode the clutch so bad, after i test drove it, i told them i wanted the car...but i wanted one that that stupid guy hadn't driven. What an as*hole!
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    Welcome to the lancer tuners community
  4. bras_33

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    this is a "Welcome New Member" thread...lets stay on topic
  5. Nemo420

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    welcome to the site and congrats on the car!
  6. DaytonaLancer

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    Hey someone else who's from PA!!!! Even though my car isnt in PA tho. Ill be driving it home after the spring semester from Florida.
  7. SeRious08

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    welcome to the team. I'm sure you will get lots of attention!
  8. elfy

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    welcome to the site woot another girl! lol. sorry have fun congrats on the car
  9. Hey, I just found this site a few weeks ago and these guys have been awesome! Welcome and it is nice to have another Girl who loves her lancer around
  10. elfy

    elfy Well-Known Member

    yeah i think there is like 4 or 5 girls on here that i konw of. but its just nice to see that there is more girls out there that love there cars also
  11. eKtor

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    Welcome to the forums! Have an awesome stay :)
  12. Rachel0517

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    absolutely! i love my lancer...its my baby! and us chicks rock!! oh and i added u on myspace so Keep in touch!
  13. Guest

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    ok ok ok guys deflate ur chests!

    Welcome to the site. Have fun.
  14. Conduct

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    ^ Shhhhhh :wink:
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    You hear that guys WE ARE AWESOME! :D
  16. Conduct

    Conduct Well-Known Member

    Pfft, we better be awesome! :wink:
  17. JDM FLOW

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    Rachel, welcome.
  19. GTS-SB

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    welcome, talk to Subawho about joining the team
  20. Nemo420

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    sup Rae Rae,
    try and make it for HIN. :p