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    What's up LancerTuners Community!

    I just wanted to share my pain with you guys regarding my newly purchased Lancer, it hasn't been a month old yet nor has it reached 1,000 kilometers and already, I've experienced some electronics issues.

    My Check Battery indicator started blinking, followed by the Check ABS indicator, followed by the Check Airbags Indicator along with the Service Required for Battery, ABS and Airbags. -_-

    And to top it all off, I was driving parallel to to building being constructed (opposite side of the construction) and an effing steel round bar fell on the roof (left side, right above the drivers side) of my car and busted it up pretty bad. Pretty bummed about all this. :banghead:

    Thankfully it's still under warranty but I think it's besides the point though, the electronic issues shouldn't be surfacing this early into the life of a car. I had it sent back to the dealership for assessment and they told me that it was an issue with the alternator and the alternator wiring harness so they replaced both. I'm still waiting for the estimate of the repair of the roof so I can chase the construction company responsible for the damage.

    It's just sad. {thumbdown}

    The roof damage:
    Lancer.jpg Lancer (1).jpg

    The Electronics Issue:
    Lancer (4).jpg Lancer (5).jpg Lancer (3).jpg
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    Ouch man....It sucks that you're having issues early on. Don't let it discourage you from buying it though...My 04 RA has been nothing but good to me since I bought it new in Feb. of 04. Only things that have gone bad are the fan controller (recall issue), acceleration sensor, and a trans issue (not Mitsu's fault....improperly clutch install by local garage). My 11 hasn;t given me any issues yet, but I've only had it a couple months. I stand by Mitsu and the quality of their cars....even though a few eceptions roll out every now and then....
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    Thank you for the sympathy lancer2quick, I appreciate it! I'm not discouraged, I'm just reminded of the fact it is a piece of technology and these things do happen, just disappointed that it happened to me I guess. Haha. And yes, I too stand by Mitsu and the quality of their cars (my dad bought a 2013 Montero and my grandfather had 2nd Gen. Space Wagon) despite the "imperfections" that come out every now and then.

    I'm just thankful for the service and warranty that it is still in place at my dealership, that way I'm not put out of pocket. Just makes me worry about other parts in the future but it is what it is I suppose. :)
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    Dam that sucks bro sorry to hear that. I bought mine new in 2011. I been having a on and off issues with the windshield washer not working. I also had a freak tpms service required light that happened to go off on the way out to the dealer. They brought the car in and filled my tires up to 45 psi and said I was good to go lol morons. they wouldn't make a report incase this happens again. needless to say they closed a few months back lol. the local dealer I bought the car from I traded my ecplise in to and got the lancer brand new closed 3 months later now leaving me to drive over a hour away to a dealer if I have warrenty issuses. Not to mention I final got around to black out my grill and install fog lights. that summer I hit a deer. after all that got fixed I caught a curb at a parking lot going 2 mph in -2 weather and it shattered the paint on a brand new and brand new painted bumper only a few months old. finally that's all fixed but still having the washer issue. my lancer and ecplise both seem like they have ghosts in the electrical system.
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    Thanks for the sympathy bro. I know it sucks but hey, it is what it is I suppose. But damn man, sorry to hear about your issues as well, pretty bad stuff too. Hope all goes well with our rides!
  6. Really very bad.. These are very big issues and will cost lots of money.. I hope you have good luck in future..
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    I know, it's pretty bad. Thank you for the well wishes! But I don't regret buying my Lancer though, still love it and can't wait to get it back from repairs!