Neon Lighting Legality

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  1. LancerGTS

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    What is the law for neons in florida?
  2. LancerGTS

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    well in south carolina you can have anything but red and blue on while driving i would figure the same law applies to FL, but you might wanna stop by next to few cops and see what they think, try 2 or 4 diffrent cops at a time.... but here i can have em on while driving but they cant be red or blue...see it on cars all the time!
  4. ViperF16

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    as long as your driving i thought i was illegal
  5. LancerGTS

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    i drive with blue (my fav) all the time as soon as its dark i change it to blue and havnt been stopped passed by some cops and everything one who drove by our car meet said they looked nice. they said only blue and red together is illegal or flashing if its steady then no worries!
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    Guess you have better laws down there then California.. Lol
  7. Automoglow

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    I dont think cops really mess with you unless your doing something wrong or riding with red or blue..i have a few guys out in cali that have kits and never had a problem.
  8. bras_33

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    It is actually illegal (california) to add more lights than what is already on your car. There goes my idea of adding a roll bar with kc lights :D
  9. Prophet

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    It actually is not illegal in CA to ride with neons under your car. The tubes can not be seen and can not be red or blue.
  10. Subawho

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    Damn and I wanted to represnt the crypts in my 89 Honda Accord....

    RALLIART Well-Known Member

    hahahhahaha damn....
  12. WildBill

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    In most states, red and blue are generally off limits due to the emergency nature. As for other colors, most states don't mind as long as the bulb is not cleanly visible (only the light is) and that the light does not obstruct or distract the driver and his/her view to operate the vehicle normally and safely.

    Personally, living here in Houston, TX, it can actually vary city to city. For instance, it is completely legal to have any form of light omitting object displayed while the vehicle is in motion other than the standard headlights, taillights, and turning signals within the city limits. I currently am driving a 2001 VW Jetta (until I have enough downpayment for my lancer...grr) that use to have blue LED underneath. I have driven in and out of the city and county both with the blue on and full glow as well as on and blinking. I have personally never been stopped.

    When it comes right down to it, it really falls to the each officers discretion. As it is said in law enforcement, the gov't can create a law, but if the cop doesn't agree with it, he/she doesn't and usually won't enforce it. This generally applies to the underbody light situation. If you have some green or purple or some color on and are otherwise doing everything else legally while driving, unless the cop is really hard up for tickets or is just a SOB, most of the time they won't really mind. Now, if you have them on and you go flying be at 100 mph on the freeway with expired tags and no seatbelt, once he pulls you over, he will cite you for it since you are probably going to jail on multiple charges anyway.