Needs help on tuning 2009 Lancer GTS

Discussion in 'Tune Discussion' started by GTSRider, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. GTSRider

    GTSRider New Member

    Hey guys I have a 2009 Lancer GTS 2.4L and I'm trying to find a tune so I can tune my car, I was looking more towards like a performance programmer so I can flash my ecu, but I can't find one. Can someone help? thanks
  2. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    The program you would use is called ecu flash and evoscan. You will need the datalogger tool. All this would normally cost around $230. Plus whatever it cost for a tuner to tune it if you plan on tuning it yourself.
  3. Belgaram

    Belgaram Well-Known Member

    I got mine from WORKS. You can also get it from RPW. Mine cost me a little more because of my build, but it was worth it.
  4. slickdevil08

    slickdevil08 Well-Known Member

    lol thats it for me it cost 690$ then more for a tune haha
  5. Belgaram

    Belgaram Well-Known Member

    WORKS or RPW..... You send them your ECU, they flash it and sent it back... Cheapest route. I think it's like 200 bux...